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It just directs me to the steam page and quits?

Can you make making the schedule easier because it's annoying as heck

Library of Babel 3D community · Created a new topic Ideas
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So, i absolutely love the game and i want to tell a couple ideas!

1, A possibility to anglishize (scan for English words) like in the original website, i think checking for real sentences without spending hours looking for words is a nice addition since it's almost infinite (and it's more realistic than teleporting to sentences you filled in yourself.

2, More librarians! i love the addition of librarians but i feel like there should me more types and maybe that they walk around instead of standing still.

3, Maybe the rooms like in the book with toilets and beds, just a nice addition for realism.

4, The rooms idea gave me another idea, what if you could get tired after a while and that you need to sleep eventually!

That's it for now, i love your development (I've also played evolution which is also good) and keep up the good work!

(here's a free model for a librarian:

I think it's pretty funny