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The file must be copied to the folder where the game is located, the same that appears when unzipping the rar and contains both the game and the images folder, the images folder just ignores it and copies the file next to the game, it is in the folder that is, also... the loading time was very long or did the game just close by itself???

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I will send you a compressed file with the file, once you unzip it, copy the "KernelBase" file in the game folder, not in the image folder

but if there are more compatibility problems I will have to download the files specified in the error messages

This is a problem typical of versions after windows7, the kernelbase.dll file is already in the game folder and that should be enough without having to modify something, but if it is really necessary, the solution is to reinstall kernelbase.dll in your PC, anyway you can let me know of any errors you have


Currently I do not have a server and I have not started to work on it, even so I hope it is not a bother that you can tell me your problem in this comment and so I can solve it, anyway in the future I will give you some contact.

maybe during the coming week it will already be available

Soon there will be a .rar version but for now I put it that way so that there are no more problems when downloading;)