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how the moo did i miss this devlog?! geez but im very happy to know the next update is coming soon! 

this is great news, can't wait to see .7, .8 and .9!

this right here is why i like indie games, indie developers actually give a damn!

i was confused and surprised at the name change, i initially thought someone hacked but then i dismissed the idea and gave it no further thought. i decided to come to the store page to see whats up, i didn't know it was a temp name, but i like goodbye eternity far more, its a nice creative touch. ive fundraised for extra life before, and i thought it was odd a porn game was called it. glad it wasn't permenent.

either way, can't wait for future updates, its a great game so far and ive quite enjoyed it, in more ways than one.. hehe.

hey, was wondering if theres a walkthrough to this game, im having a bit of trouble so far with trying to reach beyond the first level. im stuck on the very first part of the game, and i am really clueless to what to do.

so its only downloading update 14.5 and update 14.9 has no download folder that itch desktop app is detecting. should i wait till the morning to update or is there something else?

there is a windowed mode, just hit escape on your windows keyboard.