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Patch Note history of Wooden Ocean. Recently discovered bugs and opinions
of changes are more than welcome to be posted here. Thank you.

v2.2.1 hotfix

New Features:
1 small cutscene at Red Temple. (this area is still being worked on,
so don't expect much until March)

-25% enemy research requirements.

Fixed a game breaking bug in Wooden Edge.
Fixed luck giving far too much state increase/decrease.
Fixed an enemy giving too much AP.
Fixed multiple weapons and armor.
Fixed a few pathing issues.

v2.2 Wooden Road

New Features:
Wooden Road is now open. (this giant Eastern area doubles the forestry of 
the game)
Wooden Edge, a new town at the end of Wooden Road, is now in the game.
Red Temple, a new town located in the South East via sailing, is somewhat
in the game. (most of its functions won't be accessible until March)
Demonic Shards now have a purpose due to Red Temple's town mechanic.
13 mini-dungeons added throughout the game.
1 quest added in top floor of deep catacombs.
3 quests added elsewhere.
5 puzzles added.

(Warning, the game is now much harder on new saves. Prepare yourself)
Increased starting enemy tech on Normal from 5 to 10.
Increased starting enemy tech on Hard from 10 to 20.
Increased starting enemy tech on Nightmare from 20 to 30.
Enemies tech 20% faster now.
Significantly improved and rebalanced stats from starting elements.
Lowered DoT damage from radiation spells by 20%.
Halved critical rate gained from luck.
Luck now increases chance to inflict/resist negative status effects.
(every 5 luck = 1% increased/decreased)
Increased natural healing outside of combat.
Increased stats to last boss due to lore.
Increased stats to super bosses.

Sailing or scrolling Southward on a map now brightens the screen the 
further you go.
Improved gameover screen. (intentionally still slow, but may change in
the future)
Fixed an employee assignment bug in your barracks.
Fixed a teleportation bug in the Infinite Hotel.
Fixed and improved various minor bugs and details.

v2.1.1 hotfix

New Features:
Game now starts in fullscreen. (supposedly, this can cause
problems with some old computers. Let me know in the comments 
if you run into any issues)
About a dozen old enemies can now use the new abilities.
+20 weapons and armor. (these items are currently only found 
in the basic Temple of Bronze store)

Improved damage from Gravity Spells.
Increased Scythe's Sentence from 20% to 25%.
Increased Dagger's Contemplate from 35% to 50%.
Lowered the benefit and drawback of Philistine by 5%.

Staff shields were incorrectly giving 5 stamina to 
Fixed a bug involving Academy upgrades being free.
Fixed a bug involving the Ghostship displaying the
wrong graphics.
Fixed a bug that stopped the Goblin Quest from
being turned in.
Contemplate will no longer damage the user.
Wind spells will now properly crit.

v2.1.0 Symphony of Carbon

New Features:
Chapter 4 is now available.
Chapter 1 is now skipable with prologue.
4 new elements at start. (Thread, Carbon, Radiation, and Gravity
These new elements have less spells but with more power and AP costs)
Katis Mining Camp can now be attacked at certain enemy tech levels. (there
will be a warning at your Ghost Town and other areas. If you do not defend
the mining camp in time, it will be permanently destroyed)
Your Ghost Bar now has a small misc questline.
New building, barracks, is now available at town level 4. (ghosts
assigned there will actively lower the enemy tech rate)
Max town graphics increased from 7 to 8.
Max store level increased from 7 to 8.
Max mining graphics increased from 7 to 9.
Tier 4 and 5 bombs added.
Max enemy tech increased to 60.
Added a new section to The Library at the Edge.
+27 more weapons and armor.

Lowered EXP required to level up by half.
Lowered EXP gained by 66%.
Increased mid game level ups stats by up to 50%.
Increased late game level ups stats by up to 100%. (levels now feel like goals
instead of incremental improvements)
Increased EXP from bosses by up to 50%.
Doubled AP gained from bosses.
Doubled starting AP.
Increased AP costs by 50-100%. (choose wisely or restart a new adventure)
Readjusted enemy psychology and Alex warnings. (they may be a little off)
Increased chance for gold to be dropped by non-elite chests by 25%.
Lowered mid game enemy stats by about 25%.
Lowered late enemy enemy stats by about 50%.
Reduced non-elite chest tiers by 1.
Reduced enemy gold by half.
Reduced enemy item drop rate by half.
All non-divine enemies rage 10-20% faster.
Moderately nerfed tier 2 bombs again.
Largely nerfed tier 3 bombs.
Reduced cost of all bombs by half.
Increased damage of normal attacking for players by 10%.
Normal atacking now costs 5 stamina.
Freezing no longer removes 10% defense.
Police station in Ghost Town now shows up at level 3 instead of 4.
Normal mode starting enemy tech increased from 1 to 5.
Hard mode starting enemy tech increased from 5 to 10.
Nightmare mode starting enemy tech increased from 10 to 20.
(all 3 of their tech rates remain the same, but nightmare is now only
advisable for those that have beaten the game or are hardcore players)

Slightly enhanced lamp lighting. (Shole was busy)
Fixed a Ghost Town bug that was giving too much money in relation
to your economy.

v2.0 Year 2

New Features:
Quest log/journal system called Memory.
Western and Eastern Ocean are now open. (full game only)
The Infinite Hotel is now explorable.
Maces are now in the game. (they have high attack, high knockdown,
armor piercing, and incorporate defense, but with heavy weight,
high stamina cost, high variance, low utility, and longer cooldowns)

Slightly increased attack gained from leveling.
Increased stamina regen from dexterity by 25%.
Strengthened Devil Forest and Blue Heart enemies.
Toxic worm boss is slightly easier.

Game is now 12$.
A few more NPCs placed throughout the game.

v1.7 Tower of Reason

New Features:
Tower of Reason is now open. (it's located below Rooftop Garden)
Heavily updated last level.
Free Version of Year 1 is now available. (this is a beatable
version of the game but with only one difficulty and 33% less
areas. Despite it receiving some new areas in the future, this gap
in content will widen as time goes on)
Tier 2 ultimates are now in the game. (actually, they were
in the last update but were not mentioned in the patch notes)
Philistine now has 16 skills. (this and the tier 2 ultimates
will bring the end of Year 1 to a total of 525 spells/skills)

Slightly buffed most low level enemies.
Reworked last boss. (the battle is even harder now and I await the

New facesets for main characters.
Improved icons and interface.
Slightly increased game brightness.
Slightly increased range to most lighting.
Fixed multiple typos and updated a couple of scenes.


v1.6 Ghost Road

New Features:

Ghost Road is now open. (it connects Temple of Bronze with Island

of Sand)

5th tier of spells added for the 8 elements. (their ultimates

are now considered 6th tier while their lone default is still

considered 0 tier. All in all, this adds 48 more spells to the


Chapter system now implemented. (the game still functions as an

open dungeon crawler, but will have chapters for the quest line

to the true ending. Chapter 1 is Siblings, Chapter 2 is Divine

Tower, Chapter 3 is Ghost Road and chapter 12 is The Case.

Chapters 4-11 will arrive in the coming months and years and

should be fully done by June 2020. Chapters 13 and beyond will

continue afterwards and will still remain free DLC)


Tier 3 spells are now the same AP cost as tier 3 skills.

Tier 4 spells are now back at 80mp.

Tier 5 spells will be 150mp at 500ap.

Spell Ultimates are now 250mp at 750ap.

Tier 5 weapon skills are now back to 80mp.

(these changes are made to help set the ground work for a future

100+ hour game. Weapon skills may be buffed and their ap cost

increased to accomodate this in the future)

Doubled static income given by Ghost Town's size.

Lowered income by 10% to compensate.

Increased construction time by 10% to also compensate.

Paralyze and Systemic Failure no longer deal damage.

Systemic Failure now has an increased chance of paralyzing.

Increased cooldown on default spell path for all spells. (it

is now 20% lower than its peers. Was 40% and it used to be 60%)

Increased cooldown on debuff spells to normal amount.

Increased cooldown on tier 6 spells by 5.

Buffed first boss stats by 10-15%.


Oldman at Ghost Town will now say things. (will be much more

in the future)

There is now a faceset graphic for the Golem. (it's not great,

but it's beter than nothing and gets the job done)

Fixed a few plot holes and typos.

Maps added to all Town Halls.

Fixed issues with some items and spells.


v1.5.1 February Update

New Features:

3rd accessory slot.

Ghost potions are now at your Ghost Store for an optional party member.

Enemy psychology. (enemies will now move away from you based on your level,

their tech, and their zone. There will be more factors in the future)

5 new Puzzles added. (Island of Sand, Plasmic Depth, Lightning Cave,

Devil Harp, and The Library)

25 more weapons and armor added to game and loot tables.

Enemy tech can now go up to 50.


Slighty increased or lowered dropped gold for most enemies.

Increased enemy tech rate by 25%. (due to 3rd accessory)

Increased last boss stats by 15%.

Lowered Demon doors stats by 10%. (except HP which got a slight buff)

Almost all enemies will now respawn when killed. (was previously half)

Lowered mining speed by 10%.

Reduced cooldown on Sword, Archery, Dagger, and Spear skills by 20%.

Increased cooldown on low cooldown spells. (they're still lower than normal)


Unlocked doors will now show what key unlocked it.

One ladder change for a Cave to Sewer route due to locational realism.

Added an additional entrance to the Hunter's Guild.

1 demon door added to Mezra Temple.

1 custom song added to Lightning Cave.

1 custom song added to Plasmic Depth.


v1.5 Poetry of Bronze

New Features:
Island of Bronze is now accessible.
Temple of Bronze, a new town located on the Island.
Plasmic Depth, which is south of Star Cavern and connects to Temple of Bronze.
9 puzzles added to game. (more in the future)
Bombs added to loot tables and stores.
Enemy tech can now go up to 40.

Doubled starting stats. (except for mana)
Increased early enemy stats to compensate.
Slightly buffed end game enemies.
Lowered exp gained by 10%.
Increased Boss EXP by 25-35%.
Increased Pentagram EXP by 25%.
Increased tier 4 spells by 50AP.
Increased tier 4 techniques by 25AP.
Increased tier 5 techniques by 100AP.
Increased static healing and cost of potions.
Increased static damage on all spears.
Lowered Ghost Town income by 25%.
Shields with 75 or more weight no longer provide cover.
Slightly increased enemy tech rate for Hard and Nightmare.
Completing Island of Sand now lowers enemy tech by 2.
Prologue is now easier and dying just skips the rest of it.

Removed lesser angel battle and the cutscenes after it.
Fixed certain wind spells from crashing the game.
Fixed certain encounters from crashing the game.
Fixed multiple entering and exiting issues.


v1.4 patch notes

New Features:

Prologue added.

Ship building/sailing now accessible from Ghost Town.

Island of Sand, an extremely powerful monster island located in the South East.

Blue Heart, an underground passage way that connects the Island of Sand to the Water Temple.

Devil Forest, a late game forest area west of the Divine Tower.

Vastly expanded game map for future areas.

Enemy tech can now go up to 30.

Most water enemies will now sometimes cast powerful water moves when wet.

50+ more weapons and armor.


Redesigned all demon door encounters. (they are much harder now)

Slighty balanced a few enemies.

Scythe sentence debuff increased from 10 to 20%

Archery mark debuff increased from 10 to 20%


Significantly nerfed random loot drops from tier 3 and beyond.

Slighty nerfed loot dropped from the New Arena.


Fixed multiple pathing and grammar issues.

Restored a missing song file for The Sewers.

v1.31 patch notes

New Features:
The war has begun. Enemy Tech Levels are now in the game.
(All enemies, bosses included, will now slowly level up over time.
Killing certain bosses, destroying newly placed pentagrams, and improving your town/research/assigning police officers will lower their tech rate.
Future content will allow quests that actually lower their tech altogether)
25 rescuable ghosts now placed throughout the game.
12 soul generating pentagrams placed throughout the game.
A new weapon type, spear, is now in the game with it's own techniques.
All 7 weapon types now have a tier 5 ultimate move with half the warmup time and cost.

Tier 4 MP costs reduced by 20.
Tier 3 and 4 cooldowns reduced by 5.
Tier 5 magic warmups reduced by 3.
+50 starting AP for all characters including Ghost and Golem.
10% decrease in all enemy stats (except for starting enemies) to adjust for new enemy tech leveling system.
Reduced EXP of almost all monsters in the game by 10-25%.
Increased EXP for most bosses by 25-50%.
Philistine now lowers Magic Stat by 25% instead of 50%.
Normal mode gives 1 enemy tech level.
Hard mode gives 5 enemy tech levels and 50% increased research rate.
Nightmare mode gives 10 enemy tech levels and 100% increased research rate.
(previous saves will start at 3, 7, and 11 tech level)
20 is currently the max enemy tech level, and based on difficulty, will require 72-200 hours of play time, assuming you don't interfere with their research at all.
All difficulties now only remove gold by 10% on death.
Loot past all sewers doors increased by 1 tier.
20% more encounters added to East Katis.
10% more encounters addded to Wooden Ocean.

Ghost Town:
Musician now shows up at town level 3 instead of 5.
Economy now greatly affected by store level.
Police now lower economy by 1 per officer.
Lowered overall gold generated by 50%.
Lowered bank interest rate by half.
Doubled construction time for mining.
Increased research time by 33%.
Increased town construction time by 33%.
Due to the rescuables ghosts, population rate decreased by 33%.
Increased worker capacity for all fields.
Ship building house is in game, but no ship building till December.
Spears added to shop.
Town stats added to save/load screen.

Increased chance to find Gold by another 10%.
Increased gold in tier 3-5 by 10-20%.
Lowered enemy droprate by an additional 10%.
37 Spears are now in the random loot tables.
Heavily adjusted tier 3 and elite 1 chest droprates.

Game is now 2% brighter. (except at enemy tech level 15+)
Removed sprite graphics for Ghost and Golem.
Fixed multiple facesets, grammar, pathing, scene, and game over issues.


Wooden Ocean v1.3 Patch Notes:

New Features:
Divine Tower is now open.
Alternate ending is available.

Increased static healing from healing potions.
Decreased rage timers for non-divine enemies by 1-3 turns.
Slight decrease to enemy defense and spirit.
Lowered primary holy spell damage by 10%.
Slight increase to divine enemy spirit to compensate.

Over two dozen new weapons and armor added to loot tables.
Game map updated. (new island is next month's update)
Red Orcs replaced by Normal Orcs in two sections.
Extended Divine Underground.
More facesets removed from NPCs.
Fixed multiple pathing and graphic issues.
Fixed Old Arena save point.
Fixed multiple fights rewarding you upon death.
Fixed party issue when leaving Ghost Town Mines.
Nightmare now grants game over on death.
Normal now only takes 25% gold on death.
Hard remains the same at 50% gold taken.

Wooden Ocean v1.21 Patch Notes:

Fixed multiple bugs involving the new game over system.
Fixed Golem being able to equip anything but Golem gear.
Added 20 more weapons and armor into loot tables.
Added a new NPC at the Graveyard for future content.

Wooden Ocean v1.2 Patch Notes:

New Features:
Town building sidequest. (in game for more details)
No more game over screen. (instead, respawn at your last save point with half gold lost)
One new dungeon beneath new town.

Large increase in Player HP in later levels to help prevent being one shotted.
Slight increase in Player MP to help cast high level spells.
Moderate increase in EXP required for leveling to balance new stat changes.
+50 AP cost to tier 1-4 spells and +250 to tier 5. (weapon techniques remain the same)
Slight decrease in enemy stats for all dificulties.
+10% damage increase to Rage Timers.
Slight stat reduction to mid game enemies to help exploration.
Slight stat increase to end game boss. (due to Golem party member)

Noticed a small amount of item fatigue. Not much, but enough to warrant some changes.
+10% increased chance to find gold for non-elite treasure chests.
+50% chance to find Resurrection Stones.
-10% loot dropped by enemies.

New facesets for Heroes.
Removed multiple facesets for NPCs.
New sprinting graphics for party.
New icons added.
14 new books added.
Lowered level checks for Alex warnings.
Health, Mana, and Stamina regenerate 10% faster when walking.
Small town added in Psuedo Hell for lore and atmosphere.
Poet of silver added inside Dark Castle for lore and atmosphere.
Addressed multiple bug and grammar issues.

Wooden Ocean v1.1 Patch Notes:

Game became commercial with 25% increased content. No patch notes were written down at this time.