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so happy to see the update:D

love it so much!!


Very good game!! I love it!! If you don't mind, may I ask if you are considering adding another language?

happy2023!(sorry for being late

I can't wait the next update!!

Looking forward the next update!!Thank you so much for making this game!

Wow... Jack is really charming. I just started playing, but I have been immersed in his tenderness already.

Thanks for making me fall in love...I can't wait to play next game.

That's  wonderful.I'll take this game to heart.I was literally in tears at the end of the game.This is a really good game,guys.In the game like spent my virtual life,every time open to shee the interface can not help but smile.Sincerely hope the the game will have more languages.I can't blieve I just discovered this game now.It deserves to  be played by more people!Now let me have a good cry for this game....Thank you to the production team!You are great!!

I really like this type of game!! Thanks for the voice over, everyone's voice will make me blush! Everyone is cute, the plot is interesting, and the ending is unexpected. Looking forward to the next game!

Ha ha, the Demon King is so cute. I want to kiss him when I see him blushing! But this game also taught me that I should not rush to kiss: (... (laughing secretly)