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Great little game.  

From all the NPC hints it feels like there's probably a 2nd ending where you use the big white door to go back to beginning, is there?   

At some point between entering the final area and talking to the bear the bridge thing to the final area opened up again so I'm unable to get back to the other areas. I don't really feel like restarting from scratch straight away if there's not more content for me to find.

Well it's damn fun to play even if it is boring to make! I'll keep an eye out for any future developments.

Wow, this was great! I hope you're still planning on finishing it.  

It didn't seem to matter as I reached the end of the current game, but I couldn't work out what the hourglass spell did? the only thing I can think is that perhaps originally you couldn't punch an empty space to skip a turn so that's what the hourglass was for?