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Looks better and better every few months when I check back, and it never looked bad to begin with. Great stuff. Hope you're still remembering to enjoy what you're doing along the way - it should be hard work but not a job, and no-one is 'owed' any time you don't feel like spending on it :)

So glad to see a new log pop up here, I've been keeping an eye out for a while.

The updates are looking great - 2022 is worth the wait. (Don't wait until you're 100% happy though ... a good writer never makes it to 100%! 馃槀)

Good luck and enjoy the road.

Another one who created an account on just to leave a comment ...

You have no idea how long I've been searching for some good interactive fiction with a story that occupies the rare middle ground between banal left-to-right conversations in anime cliche and overwrought essays of pretentious purple prose. This demo sucked me in immediately and whenever there's a full release I'll be buying it on day one.

Your English is outstanding and I didn't suspect it wasn't your first language until I was halfway through the demo (a few preposition choices here and there - nothing major and nothing that detracted whatsoever from my enjoyment).

It's a rare talent in any language to have a feel for real environments and real people, for showing rather than telling, and trusting an audience to draw conclusions without spelling them out. I hope your game receives all the success it deserves when it's released - good luck.