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Thanks for the feedback! The jump is actually is a static sprite like in the classic mario games.


haha, good question. Maybe one day :D

looks so pretty :

I really liked the demo. The only thing that I'd advice you to develop is the physics or appearance of sauces in the game because I personally found it a little bit poor. I mean when I cook the colour and thickness of the sauce helps me a lot. Thank you for the demo and wish you all the best!

Thank u <33

Hey, I love the game. 

Also, if you give the player less specific information about the level then it would be more fun :D 

Keep it up!

Thank you, I really glad you like it! ^w^

yes, lol. This project is died somehow :/

Thanks buddy :3

I glad you like it :3

Heey, thanks for the feedback! Yeah, I know this bug and I'm working on to fix it. And also on the story... 

By the way, I'm glad you liked it! :3

thanks man :D i did... xd i will upload it soon... 

Oh my god *-* Im so glad you like it :3

So cool lil' game :D