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I apologize, I havent worked on the game in months, I am working on a new game for the steam store. After that I may consider continuing the development of SAO VR.

Well if it’s your own then how did you make it?

What engine did you use to make this?


he legitimately called himself lazy multiple times

So what? If you add it in then people can give you feedback and that may help it improve. I actually reeeaally want to use the store my friend and I were really pumped and then we started it and then we found out that we can't use the store and we were really disappointed. Please just add it

why cant you just add the store in i know your lazy but it isnt far for thos who didnt get the chance to get the their hands on the closed beta

There seems to be coins popping out of the bodies but there is no shop.

In some youtube videos I saw a shop

Please Help

Is there any shop like in the videos?

I cant seem to find any shop

Creed community · Created a new topic Oculus Touch?
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I am wondering if my game works wit the Oculus Touch because I am using the SteamVr plugin. Please tell me if it works on the oculus touch or not. I only have the HTC Vive so I cannot test it for the oculus touch

Creed community · Created a new topic Update 1.0
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After a long wait and hard work I finally did it with school in the way and all. Finally I present to you... 1.0. Whooo!

New Features:

-A lot go see for yourself



-AI Systems

-New overall setup

-Added a new UI system(thanks to XanderHD... check his games out... they are pretty cool)

-Volcano climbing rocks

-New name

-New icon

Sorry about that, I will see what I can do, but for now what it means is teleport to a quadrant that you would like to explore. I got back from Florida a few hours ago and I am experimenting with it all.... I am also trying to work on SAO VR....

Thank you for the feedback.

Creed community · Created a new topic Suggestions
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if you have any ideas of features you would like to see in the game then post a comment down below. For Christmas I got a Leap Motion controller, which means I can experiment with it my games. I'm in Florida right now so I probably won't be working on either of my games for about the next 2 1/2 days.... Merry Christmas!

-Sincerely LH4

Creed community · Created a new topic Update 0.2.3

Here are the changes that I have made in version 0.2.3:

- Fixed problem where the volcano quadrant would glitch into the Desert City quadrant.

- Added a bird's eye view camera on the computer screen that you can change.

- Added a marker for the bird's eye view camera to see where the player is located.

- Took away the normal city quadrant to look for a better replacement city.

Here are some features that I would like to add in the future:

A newer and better city quadrant.

More obstacles inside of the Desert City quadrant.

More obstacles inside of the Volcano quadrant.

Creed community · Created a new topic Updates and Feedback
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I will probably be using the community board for explaining updates and the latest versions of my game "Parkour VR" and for receiving and responding to any feedback that you all may give me. If you find any bugs, glitches, or any other features that you think may fit in with this game then post a comment on the suggestions board. If you would like to please send me feedback of what you think of this game then please do the same

- Sincerely LH4

Will do.