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I think there's a bug because in certain scenes and in the sex scenes the voice is just too soft even when it's maxed and everything else is turned off

Hmm, for some reason some of my save files get corrupted. Like when I try to load a save file it automatically goes back to the foreplay scene even if it's not the time that I saved it. I wonder why.

By the way, Is it possible to add a "Nevermind" Option to Skipping Days? I accidentally clicked on the bed and didn't mean to and now I HAVE to sleep. Thank you!! UwU

i think the first option is better, but after that, it's kinda like "use at your own risk." loving the whole game btw.. just finished Shiba's route, and now I can't wait for the voiced patch lul

this keeps popping up when I try to load my last save after the patch.. is there any way to export the save file? I'm afraid to delete the app cause I'm already in November T_T

Updated in the itch launcher and now all my saves are gone.. nuuuuu what happened?

does the game automatically update? or do we have to redownload it from the purchase page?

are there no extra lessons in va school on saturdays?

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I am loving the game so far.. although, there are a couple auditions that are on the same date, is that on purpose? I think it's the teacher and I and the other one was Love and war.. Also I've seen a couple of auditions that are so close to each other that it's impossible to get the required stats (story of eternia, and movie narrator) I was hoping that in the VA school for extra lessons, we can get extra lessons that give higher stats for a bigger fee, kinda like a level II lesson, right now I've taken a dozen of them but they are still Level I?