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Are there no solar panels to charge your laptop battery or too expensive ?

Normally you have to pay the full $10 for itch to recognise that you paid enough. I've been bitten by that before on itch, or I did something wrong. OTOH, a game this great.... even if you paid 19,99 it is still a steal.

There was talk about a version 0.7 coming "soonish" on F95....

About the pregnancy. I much appreciate your comment "a child is a massive responsibility". Don't get me wrong, I do realise this is a game, but so far I've not seen in any game I've played here on itch any explanation why pregnancy between blood relations is considered a 'bad' thing genetic wise. Waiting for the first game where lovers go to the doctor and take a genetic test together to see if the kid they want is going to be 'ok' or not. Perhaps that is too realistic, but I'm worried that young ones will get the wrong impression that there is nothing to worry about.

For Mac users: use "The Unarchiver", that works. The link above goes to an iphone version, at least it does so for me..

Wow, kudos on finding that annoying bug, the time one looses on something so small can make you rage like a loonatic. Also good that you changed the font, for me and my aging eyes it is now much more readable ! Looking forward to the release !

Take care of yourself first. 

Hello, that's certainly an option that is doable for a Mac. Python 3 is by default installed on macs, and you can still install 2.7 if you really want it. I used to make plenty of python scripts in 2.7, so I already have it, but that's just me. I'll wait for the source then.

Hello, is this only for windows ? Or could this easily be ported to Mac ?

There seems to be something wrong with the mac build of version 10. I can download the zip fine, but I can't launch it using the usual method (right-click and open , then right-click and open again after first message) - it just gives me the message that the "application can't be opened". Could you have a look ?

Great post, really interesting to read your development / writing process ! Thanks for this.

Oh excellent ! Thanks !

I'm waiting how it goes when chapter 7 releases, but a bit of a bummer that you chose $10,50 for the entirety. I payed $10 on itch a while ago. That means I'll need to pay 10,50 again just to get the last chapter, unless you can get the last chapter for $3 ?

Well documented !

My understanding of the itch price structure is perhaps not complete, as I am only consuming things here on itch. So it might be different than what I say here. But yes, I have paid $5 for a game ( Knightly Passions ) and then when they upped the price tot $10, had to pay $10 again, so in total $15. Currently you can download version 6 for free, version 7 for $1 and version 8 for $10 (discount of 50% as the new price is $20).

I understand that Steam wants the price to be the same or higher than on Steam if the game is available on multiple platforms, correct ? 

You should probably contact another author on itch who went to steam (Lockheart from Avalon is somebody who tried this, he might have tips if you contact him via his Discord, although it was apparently not totally positive). 

I can think of several things you could try : 

  • you could keep an older version here for a lower price, if steam allows that ?
  • when your game is complete, you could release it here first for a short time, so people who already have it can grab the download at the price they paid it and then just before when it is going live on steam, you up the price on itch to the same price on steam : this gives people who already paid a chance to grab it for the same price
  • you change the price on now already to the future price that you will set on steam - and yes that means a few early clients that will not be very happy, but the sooner you do it the better it will be for everyone else - the reach of steam is far greater but perhaps the price could be the same ?
  • apparently there is or was a way to give out steam keys to people on other platforms (not sure this still works or will work in the future): you can supply a limited number of these steam keys to existing users on itch ?
  • you could set up a discord server and let itch users who pay a certain amount get access to it. And on that server you could do what you want, but it seems to me to be a messy solution with lots of work (I think most people do this with Patreon / SS )

Again, best to talk to an author here who did this already.

Hope this helps !

It depends on the author. Normally once paid, the game is yours. But some authors bring out new versions at higher prices, so you need to pay that price to own the latest updated version.
Like, you bought it at $5, but v2 is now at $10 - you won't be able to get V2 unless you pay $10... (paying the difference does not seem possible, unfortunately).

Other authors bring out the latest v2 at $15 and then after a certain time, drop down to the original $5, so you just need to wait.

Oh - hah, I never checked there, sorry about that !

Mac files ?

Well done on getting it into steam - I heard it's not always easy for these types of games.

If the file is too big, it's usually posted on Mega. Use Chrome or Firefox to download.

Oh, that's truly devastating news. Please take your time to mourn and give a place to your grief.

I've spent quite a few euros on the Daz3D shop already... it's addictive...

I am really only playing around with this stuff, but from what I gathered, the software used is mostly DAZ3D to create the models and Renpy for the scripting. Some use Blender or port the models to Blender. I've installed DAZ3D and it is quite easy to put some models down and get them to take a pose and then render it. If you want to learn more about it, search on Youtube for IT Roy - he has several good videos on this (that I'm reviewing as well :-) 

Basically, a reasonably good CPU and an extremely powerful GPU card to create those renders, like a RTX3080 of 3090 .  You can make do or experiment with a lesser card, but not if you want to push out a long story. If you are really doing this for money, you invest in several computers or you connect to a render farm.

Still. I recently played a game that had 10 or 12 static locations. 5 characters with basic stances. But the dialogue made it all worth it.

As they say " eating your own dog food" - well done on writing your self !

Thanks for the glimpse in your life. I hope your partner gets better soon. For now, you'll need to be her solid rock that she can depend on. I wish you the best of everything for both of you.

This is a lot better. I can help with html if you want, although I don't have heaps of time.

FYi The font you use here is very hard to read. 

I believe that you can find a clue at his work pc

You don't. It's only available for android, mac/linux and windows.

I kept the default choices when starting the game, but would like to be able to change that as it does not make a lot of sense now. Could you provide a setting for that ? Otherwise, great game.

Hmm. I don't really know. This worked for me. Might be that somewhere previously in the game you indicated that you did not want Robin ?

When sitting down beside Cece (slightly before this) to comfort her, bring up your phone and send a message to her.

Afterwards, go through your Nuke app after the screens where Robin is dancing, right before Cece enters.  Find the picture of Kira and search it for clues.

I don't understand ? Can't you buy it on  where I read this comment ? In the devlog message it states that it has been released on steam, epic games and itch.

I managed to download via the mega link, thanks.

Bought it, but link to google drive says -too many persons downloaded this file... I'll wait a bit and try again

$2.99 is not really a lot of money for a good story. A cup of coffee can cost more. Why not buy it ?

Any chance this might be coming to mac as well ?

Wow, somebody can draw great stuff!