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Thanks for updating your itch page here. I just bought the game here, added some extra to show you how much I appreciate your game. Not really a biiiiig subscription guy so itch is fine for me. 

Post an update from time to time eh ?

Ah ok thanks for the explication, I was a bit confused about the 1.0 version at first.

So this is a reworked Act 1. But no new content, correct  ?

Hey, sometimes you need a little bit of time for yourself. That little bit of time might help you get more active later on, instead of burning out on this. So take 'care' of yourself, eh ? We can wait a bit.

Thanks for explaining your process and how it works !

I do hope you have a story line in your head that will make sense and get to an ending, and not just jump this or that way for all the polls...

Yes, it seems to work now, thanks !

Mac version can't be downloaded - something about it being in the google trash can on your side ?

That seems like a good solution, but you will then get the 'this is not yet worked out' if you make a certain choice then, correct ?

Hey ! I just purchased the game, but the external link for mac is not working - it says you trashed the version or something like that. Can you fix this please ? Thanks.

Take your time, grieving is a proces that comes in bits and spurts and waves.  You might be happy and then get hit by a memory of your dad, that's okay.  Take your time. 

Just add a tipjar already !

Congratulations on the new arrival ! 

Thanks, I'll let you know how it goes. Congrats on the latest release !

Sooooo... I shouldn't have bought it for $10 224 days ago then ?As I will probably need to pay the full price again ?

Hey that's pretty cool ! So that means you could run VN adventures on Telegram ? (I don't use Telegram)

Seems to be dead - kaput. Pity.... 

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Good game, just finished it. I like the way you set up the ending, with the cards.

There are some things that you left more or less open, so you could easily revisit this in the future and expand the final content to be more detailed.

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Yup, that was it. I couldn't wait to play the new release. My apologies for the extra work I caused you !!!

Still no link ? :-)

Hey, thank you for answering and sorry for taking so long to respond.
I'm not at my place for the moment, so I can't check. But your comment about the mod might be correct - I usually do install a mod when playing (even when I buy VN's on itch) - I'll check when I'm back at my main pc. and let you know.

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Hmm, I'm getting an Atrribute error : 'StoreModule' object has no attribute when loading a saved game:


I'm sorry, but an uncaught exception occurred.

While running game code:

  File "renpy/common/00action_file.rpy", line 452, in __call__


AttributeError: 'StoreModule' object has no attribute 'O000O00O000OOO0O0'

AttributeError: 'StoreModule' object has no attribute 'O000O00O000OOO0O0'



Maid to Please 0.5.5

Wed Feb 22 11:36:55 2023


Restarting from scratch does seem to work though.

Just finished the game. Great stuff.

Your written thoughts sometimes do seem strange to me. So I have  a hard time following everything and making sense of the story, but that just makes it more  interesting to puzzle it out!! Thanks for the fun story !

FYI: when playing in 'windowed' mode on my mac, the text was sometimes too long and disappeared off screen.

Again, your English is not clear.

IF she already has children:
Like many girls in "Mirror", Alice is dreaming of meeting someone who loves her and her children, so that they can be a family together.

IF she does not yet have children:
Like many girls in "Mirror", Alice is dreaming of meeting someone who she can have a family with, who will love her and wants to have children with her.

Hey, pretty good story, some great renders. Makes me curious what is going on !

Why don't you put in a donation link ?

You're welcome. I tend to forget how to do this, so might as well post it for all (and myself included) so it's easier to find :-) 

For Mac people : getting "The application cannot be opened" ?

Then you need to add execute rights to the start file INSIDE the app:

1. open a terminal
2. type chmod +x and then DRAG the app from the Finder to the terminal, the path + app will be filled in automatically
3. continue with  typing /Contents/MacOS/TheSevenRealms
4. press enter

The full command will sort of look like this :

chmod +x <path>/ 

If there is no feedback , all is good.  Close the terminal.

After that, right click once on the game and select OPEN. Close the error message and do the same thing again. You can now select OPEN in the message and the game will start. From now on, you no longer need to do the right-click.

That's how it works for other games I've bought here. Itch can check if I paid and how much, and you can upload newer versions here that I can then download (if the price I paid is high enough). 

Well, instead of going for piracy you could also pay Classy_Lemon here as well instead of just pirating it - I mean, the man has to pay for stuff as well, no ? 

I already paid you even when it was free. You make a good game, keep on doing it.

Please correct your text, it hurts my eyes just reading the above...

Betty IS A young girl who works at THE pharmacy.
She likeS both the MC and Phoebe.
You can chose for her to be more than a friend with Phoebe, and help her discover something new.... something naughty!

Hey, just finished this version, pretty good and intriguing story !

Hey, when will you release the fourth chapter for Mac ?

Tous les anciennes épisodes sont normalement inclus dans l'update. Donc si tu télécharge la dernière episode, c'est bon.

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I suppose this is abandoned ? The story sounded really neat.

Are there no solar panels to charge your laptop battery or too expensive ?

Normally you have to pay the full $10 for itch to recognise that you paid enough. I've been bitten by that before on itch, or I did something wrong. OTOH, a game this great.... even if you paid 19,99 it is still a steal.

There was talk about a version 0.7 coming "soonish" on F95....

About the pregnancy. I much appreciate your comment "a child is a massive responsibility". Don't get me wrong, I do realise this is a game, but so far I've not seen in any game I've played here on itch any explanation why pregnancy between blood relations is considered a 'bad' thing genetic wise. Waiting for the first game where lovers go to the doctor and take a genetic test together to see if the kid they want is going to be 'ok' or not. Perhaps that is too realistic, but I'm worried that young ones will get the wrong impression that there is nothing to worry about.

For Mac users: use "The Unarchiver", that works. The link above goes to an iphone version, at least it does so for me..