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I managed to download via the mega link, thanks.

Bought it, but link to google drive says -too many persons downloaded this file... I'll wait a bit and try again

The Chmod command did the trick for me, but you might need to change your settings in System Preferences to allow apps that are not signed to run as well.

$2.99 is not really a lot of money for a good story. A cup of coffee can cost more. Why not buy it ?

Any chance this might be coming to mac as well ?

Wow, somebody can draw great stuff!

I think so - join the Discord server, plenty of updates and discussion there !

Finished the game. Solid, extremely long, and some weird kinks which made me think about what I like and not like. Went back and paid some more, just to show you my appreciation.

Good to hear ! Still in a bit of a lockdown in Belgium, but slowly getting there. All the best !

Hey, I've been wondering the same thing, I hope the author is doing ok and is well. FYI - yes you can buy it here on itch and you can then download it for Mac AND for Windows. No copy protection methinks.  You can also buy it on Steam, which helps when moving to other computers (although with that should not be a problem too, just I know Steam better).

I think the memory reqs are because there is a lot of overhead going on in positioning and calculating light and shadows on the fly. 

Are you still ok ? It's almost end of May, and I was wondering if perhaps you moved away from Itch to Steam ?