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Awesome game, really fun to play with the different options and choosing your own. I came here from John Wolfe's video and wanted to play it myself. The build up is great and I came to really like the monster. I cant find any other endings though despite the tag and searching on the internet. I really wanted to be able to open my eyes at the end but I kept getting the same ending. Please make more like this developer! 

Mannequins creep me out! Im usually a pro at handling horror but this demo made me on edge. I hope to see more from this dev in the future!

xx LexiiB

Nice atmospheric spooky game. I love the character design for Bendy! Here is some gameplay as well as my review of the game: 

This is such a cool idea for a game! Here is my gameplay of it as well as my thoughts of the game itself: 

This was a goofy, fun game! There's a lot left to be completed and the controls are pretty weird and non-intuitive but here is some gameplay & review of the game:

This was a nice, quick, relaxing game! I loved the music & character design. Here is a video where I give full thoughts & gameplay: 

This was a really cool atmospheric game! I love the unique concept of changing each weekday. I made a video giving my full thoughts and some gameplay if you're interested to watch: 

This was a really fun game to play & it was pretty quick to get into. I go more indepth of what I thought about the game in this video.