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Lex MCmemes

A member registered 27 days ago

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oh ok, thanks!

This game is WONDERS! i can't wait for 1.8-A

Hope more lily dates (+ a few of Molly maybe?)

The game is working wonderful! I want more!

usually, you need space to  be able to install things

Fixed the problem. It was just my phone's memory space lol

Sorry bout that

It is. And believe me. It gives quite a boner.

I'm done playing for today... Quite interesting and hot game! I'm eager to see updates of this game! Surely it's good 👍

Oh... I see. Thank you, I'll make another comment about my experience later.

Bro... Wrong place. You arealdy posted your comment. So no more of dis pls

Devs, it says that "CURRENT FREE VERSION: 0.1.6 -  The dating system and Violet's dates"

I have to pay to download the game. please fix this money issue. (I have no bank account btw)

Also game crash is a common thing in here

I need auto save. I just can't stand a chance to see all my mon's disappeared