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Amazing work!

Crazy! good job

Cant wait for it to put it in my game! amazing as always

Man this pack is insane. Good work!

Awesome work!!! I'm currently working on a game based your assets. Keep it coming :D

U are a beast. Amazing asset and amazing work!

You are doing gods work here! amazing.

Looks awesome as usual! +1 for a female version! :)

This asset is sick! I love it so much

U are just unstoppable :=) great work!!!

Looks amazing!

I love the boss!! Amazing

This is beyond amazing! I can't wait to make a game with those ones. Keep making great things!

Hello there. Really cool stuff as always! Keep it going mate :) 

Amazing! Thank you for your work

Looks awesome!


Incredible work! <3 Could you add the shield to the sword animation? that would be SO AWESOME

Damn, your art is just amazing`!

Very good work! I love it!!!

Damn so sad there is no *block* animation :'(

I bought the Halloween sale 2021. I have most of all your packs. And I love your style!

Amazing! I love earthworm jim so much!

Damn, amazing stuff!!!

Amazing stuff!

Yes, that would be very nice!

Nice little game. I liked the music and sound effects!

Works perfectly! thx


Hello. Im building the monitors in my game and it looks like there is no full loop. At the last key frame he drops back so the first picture. Could you add a line or two to fix it for a smooth loop <3? Thx

very cool looking vehicle!

Hello, this looks very nice! How did you animate the sun?

Hello GuttyKreum! 

Thanks for the reply! Can't wait to see it in action! :)

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Hello there! 

I love your work! Is there any chance you could add a small idle animation? that would add a great touch.

When they walk their hair moves, it would be cool if in the idle animation something similiar would animate, or a small body movement.



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For the main monitor i would suggest low poly scrolling text and for the monitor with radar i would suggest blinking parameters and small blinking signals at the radar.

Also a small note if its really not much, if you could add transparent windows with out the galaxy stars behind that would be really awesome! So its possible to add a moving background with starts behind the windows, that would be very slick!

Any chance you could add monitor animation? <3

the artwork is amazing!! i would really love to use one of the space station in my space shooter game! is there anyway to purchase one picture? :x

Very cool! :)