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It has been a long while, still have eyes on it. Anyways, names will definitely be a feature to have.  Will probably be asked to assign when born.

Thats a good question.  I've worked on it on and off since release but it's still in the "fleshing out basic mechanics" phase and not in a good spot to release an update.  At the very least I do want it to be a playable game at some point and not just a mechanic demo.  So I guess the answer is yes (hopefully).

Yeah, I can give a port a shot.

Afterwards you can click the menu buttons.  I'll probably make it also have keyboard controls at sometime.

Internally it uses a bit array for genes, using crossover for variance. I thought it would be fun to try out genetic algorithm techniques, and it has been, but difficult to balance.

As for distinguishing, at the very least I'll probably use at least hair color/skin color. Ideally some sort of list view as well.

I'm not sure what level of scope it will have, but I would definately like to work more on it.

The minigame is the only gameplay implemented. Had development gone on longer there would probably of been a light combat system, and more monstergirls too!