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There's a similar comment in the main page. It's a bug, not intentional. I forgot to mention it. It's fixed in the next build, but you probably want to have a save before that choice for the next build. :3

Sure go ahead.^^

My only condition is that you show it to me when you are done, on twitter or wherever :3

Oh, it's not intentional, it's a bug. I forgot to mention it in the patch notes for this build.

In the choice to sleep with him the points are set to 1. You'd better get a save before that for the next build, in which it will be fixed.

Oh thank you so much, you are so sweet. I really put a lot of effort making my VN. And yes, I am aware of my situation on patreon. I hope people start to see the good of PRF and start to support me more. :3

Thank you very much. I try very hard to make my VN better day by day. All the illustrations that are in the same build can be unlocked, most likely you are missing points with some character and you haven't unlocked certain scenes.

To state whether Emeka graduates would be making spoilers. That said, I do plan on doing timeskips in the future, but not overly long periods of time. It would be something like the transition between part one and part two although it could be extended to a couple of weeks.

And as for Erik... I know, right? Look at those pecs, Jeez...

I'm afraid it doesn't work that way. This is a story, not a dating simulator. That said, at some point some decisions will have to be made, but they may not be as you expect.

I hope you can enjoy the story for what it is, without any pretensions beyond that :3


Currently, there is one in the public build (sort of), not counting the dream at the beginning. If you want to know more, there might be a little surprise in the patreon build :3

I'm sorry for bringing bad news, but... next build :3

Yes, there are "sex" scenes. If you haven't seen them it's because you haven't unlocked them because you haven't got the necessary points.

If you've read the devlog, that's a preview of the next update. If you want early access to the new builds you just have to become a patreon, otherwise you just have to wait for me to publish new public content.

Pocket Rain Files is currently under proofreading, the change will be visible in following builds.

I'm sorry but there is nothing I can do right now. Almost everything is already reduced to an optimal format. Besides there is quite a lot of content and it will get bigger and bigger, because it is going to be a long VN, so it will take even more space in the future.

There are no routes. Each day is a chapter. Day 12 is the last chapter of the first part. The second part begins on day 16 (which is chapter 13) due to certain events that occurred on day 12.

This is always a preview of the next update. Under normal conditions, I always publish every month, so it is always for the beginning of the next month.

The error is already fixed in a later build, just press ignore to continue.

An easel. A frame for holding a canvas or a wooden board while painting.

You have to press the "V" key on your keyboard to dissable the narrator :D

Thank you for volunteering, but there is someone who is already doing it. If you still want to talk to me about anything just follow the link on the main page. Anyway I leave my twitter here.

Maybe you should, the update will be released day 4th.

Sorry for the wait :3

Thanks! :3

For the remaining CG you just need to get enough points with the other characters to unlock those escenes.

If you had read the descriptions above you would have noticed, but I'll copy it here. "Decisions will award points with the characters and unlock certain extra scenes, but will not influence the plot of the story." That means they unlock certain scenes, expand some of them and give you access to some naughty things with their corresponding CGs, but the essence of the story remains the same.

Early next month. :3

Aww, you are so sweet. Thank you very much!

Until day 10 there are five unlockable naughty scenes with their corresponding CGs, so I gather you've seen one of them. Each one happens with a different character and to unlock them you must make good decisions and score enough points with the character in question. Good luck :3

I already wrote it in another comment as well, but I'll tell you. There is one on day 5 (not Erik's), on day 6, 8, 9 and finally on day 10.

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Willem :3

Comments are always welcome.

That said, this is not After Class.

To begin with, when reading this VN you should bear in mind that it should not be approached with prejudices or preconceived ideas about other VNs.

This is not an idyllic story where you fall in love with someone, have problems and then solve them.

I will warn you from now on that this story, even if it doesn't seem so for now, is cruel.

This story is about Emeka's life, not any other random MC that can be renamed.

I fully understand the position that you might not like Emeka and that he can be a bit unbearable, but there are reasons for that, it's not gratuitous.

As for complaining that there are no routes, I'll give you some reasons.

Firstly, this is not a story that moulds itself to the reader, it tells the story of Emeka's life.

Emeka is in love with the five main characters for some reason.

Life isn't exactly fair and there is no perfect path to follow, we don't choose who we fall in love with. That is an important part of this story, but there is something much more complex behind it. It's not all about dating and homoerotic situations.

On the other hand, not everyone feels the need to fuck everyone at the drop of a hat. Some people just aren't like that.

Finally I would like to mention that feeling of chasing five guys at once and the fact that you hate it. The easiest way to answer that is simply to say that's how Emeka feels all the time.

Love hurts.

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There are currently 3 unlockable CGs in the public build.

One on day 5 (not Erik's), one on day 6 and one on day 8.

To unlock these scenes, you have to have made good decisions and have enough points with the character with whom the event takes place.

Not all points are required to unlock it, but almost. If you select the dream at the beginning of a specific character it will be easier to unlock his scenes because they are 5 extra points.

And I've already said too much :3

The structure carried by the VN is essential to the story. Sorry if it's not what you might expect from any other.

Each of the main characters is a key player for Emeka. It may not seem like they're that important yet, but the story is still scratching the surface.

So there will be no routes. Just some different scenes depending on the decisions and points you get with each character.

As you can imagine I can't answer that question without spoilers. ;3

Hmph... that's weird. I'll see what I can do and thanks for reporting it.

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Well, I don't know.

I just posted the patch notes for next month and an extra devlog this month for the anniversary, nothing else.

In theory you should have received a total of only 3 notifications this month.

I always post a preview about the content of the next update towards the middle of the month.

The update always arrives at the beginning of the following month.

That's why it says "Next Update" or "will be available".

These are just patch notes so you can see what the new content will be.

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If you want to donate something, we have the patreon tiers and you can have access to the last chapter published.

If for whatever reason you don't want to become a patreon and want to donate something, you can send me a private message on twitter and we'll talk about it.

No problem and thank you so much!

The story unfolds like this:

For some reason, Emeka is in love with the 5 main protagonists.

There are no routes. It is a linear story that tells how Emeka's life develops as you get to know more and more about the lives of the other characters.

The points and decisions don't change the story (at least, not for now), what they are used for is to unlock certain "naughty" scenes and near the end of the visual novel, depending on the points and decisions, you can be with one or another character, or maybe none at all.

It is a long story, there will be three story arcs.

The only thing I can say for now is that the first arc will be twelve days long.

There are no routes, no "dates" for you to choose from.

There is only one story with certain different scenes in the future depending on your choices.

Emeka for some reason is in love with the five main characters and the story unfolds with that in mind.

Depending on your choices for when the vn progresses you may end up with one or another character or maybe none at all.

There is nothing wrong, it will be available next month.

Chapter 3 is available on patreon right now.