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Sorry about your issue! It looks like the starting animations isn't playing properly. It might be fixed by plugging in a controller if you have one available or restarting the game. If these don't work then you might need a fresh install.

Thank you for the kind words, and thank you for finding the hidden message! I appreciate your understanding of my design choices.

Thank you so much, your lets-play is great! Sorry about the issue you experienced, I believe you can change the game to fullscreen (if I'm reading this issue right) on startup.

Hi! Sorry about the issue. Would this be preventing you from starting up the game or pressing start in the main menu?

Sorry to hear that! If a fresh install of the game doesn't work, it might be your app install. I hope that helps!

Glad we could evoke the intended emotions! Hopefully we can add a proper enemy sprite in when we can make more changes too!

Thank you! DooM was one of our artistic inspiration for the old, blocky level design. Unfortunately we couldn't iron out the kinks but it still works!

Thanks for the kind words! We initially had a few other things planned to add a bit more depth to the game and remove the repetition but, alas, we ran out of time.

We're sorry the game was like this for you, the recent update should have fixed those bugs!

Thank you for playing and we're glad you like it! 

Good Morning has just recieved a massive update! Any and all comments before this date are for the previous build of the game.

Thanks for playing, glad you enjoyed it! :D 

Thank you so very much for the support, our hearts are warmed to see that people are enjoying the game :)

We incredibly appreciate the video response given! Thank you so much on behalf of the team.

It is within my understanding that the bugs outlined in the game are very inconsistent and hard to nail down i.e: milk in the bowl before you put it there, keys not being outlined. We'll be trying to get them with our time given. Thanks again! :)

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Vielen Dank für die Unterstützung, ich schätze es wirklich! Sie müssen nicht spenden, aber es wird immer geschätzt :)

My pleasure, Creeperkiller09. It's always nice to know you're making people happy with your creations

Thank you for the feedback, we will do our best to improve the game! :)

My apologies for the poor frame rate. We are having troubles with the performance and will be unable to fix them for the time being, thank you for your time.

Thanks man! I appreciate the kind words :)

Thanks for the feedback! I'm glad my *game feel* was brought across almost exactly as intended. :)