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This is impossible on trackpad but I really really like the idea!

Me: *gasp* Charon!
??: my name is Somnus
Me: aw...
Somnus: You may have mistaken me for my brother
Me: :D

I was a little confused at first but picked the mechanics up quickly and became addicted. I'd love to be able to make multiple decks and switch between them to try all the different mechanics.

Oh I did notice, though, that skipping dialogue prevents you from unlocking cards (at least for Intimidate)

All works! I just didn't know about it before

How do you use the cards you learn? I assumed it worked like a roguelike and after unlocking every card I could I forced myself to die and still couldn't use them :/

This game is so charming!

Overflowing a diapersuit seems to always break the game, and overflowing any diaper at the office also breaks it. I get stuck in the closet every time (which is always empty?) and then cannot press any buttons.

Excellent game! Very good take on atmospheric 2D horror where I don't have to be chased lol

I love the concept but it gets so dark it was impossible to read the questions. Implementation of a flashlight or lights on the boards would be a good idea if you ever continue development on this game--or even for games in the future. It's quite frustrating when players can't see what they're doing

Fun game! Everything was spinning after I beat it though (it made me dizzy), so, warning to anybody who has issues with that

Oh, I think that was the loading screen.

Mine had the same bug. But, in the time it took me to upload this image, it was fixed. I wonder if minimizing the game had anything to do with it?

Press x to delete characters

I think I found a bug during the test at the very beginning of the game. I pressed x and was not able to close the animation that came up.

Thank you!

Is there a download tutorial I'm missing? I got something to open the 7z but now the executable won't run.

I wish there was an option NOT to be with Cott, yeah

Probably one of my favorite games on now! It gave me strong Undertale vibes between the story, art, and individual personalities of each of the characters, but with cozy guitar music and a pleasing, non-violent storyline.

The visuals and storytelling of both this game and the previous are breathtaking and enthralling, respectively. I appreciate everything about this experience and am practically speechless.

I had it turned up to hear the frequencies better (I'm sure it's bad for my ears but I was curious about the wubs), so the noise that played with the first note was deafening.

I was worried when I didn't see my name in the DLC, but I think it's just one of those that didn't come out right (as you mentioned in the last backer update). Thank you all for being so committed!

I loved the game, but as soon as I got called ma'am I noped out of there. I'm sorry. Great opening, though!

I had the exact same thought before... yeah

I love the cultural development in this game. It's very unique! I also really enjoyed the option to say "me too" about being trans because I don't see that kind of representation in a lot of games that aren't focused on LGBT+ or transgender content, and I am trans so of course I chose it! The art style in this game is extremely welcoming and cute as well. Overall, amazing game.

It happens after you've gone through all the choices, even if you replay.