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Levi Luke

A member registered Aug 25, 2020

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Hey, this guy looks rad! I'd love to use him in my visual novel—I'm partially blind and paralyzed, so I'm looking for free stock assets to make that dream possible. Unfortunately, I don't have the capability to open .rar files. Is there any chance you could upload the files in an alternate format?

Edit: I was able to download at least the three preview pictures—I hope doing it that way is okay! I'll be sure to credit you, of course. If there's any way you could provide the other assets for download in a non-.rar format, that'd be amazing. Either way, thanks for your generous contributions to the free stock world!

Edit2: I was able to get a friend to help me open the .rar, so no worries!

Cool asset! Is it free for commercial use?

Hey, this is rad! What's the license for usage?

If I use them in anything, I'll be sure to let you know!

Oh, like CC0? Great to know!

Oh, cool! So like CC0. Thanks so much!

Hey, thanks so much, man! I dunno which particular assets I'll end up using for sure, but I really appreciate it. You stay awesome!

Hey, thank you so much, I really appreciate it! Stay awesome!

This looks pretty awesome! What's the license for use?

Awesome robots! What's the license for use?

Hey, this asset is absolutely awesome! What's the license for use?

Hey, Alex! That's very generous of you! So basically like the CC-BY license, where it's free to use, even commercially, as long as I give credit? I'm a partially blind / paralyzed artist trying to make a webcomic by utilizing a lot of 3D stock, since I can't draw very much myself to speak of, so any free assets are very much appreciated. That being said, opening up free usage of an asset is very much an act of charity, and not something I presume, so I just want to be 100% clear any potential usage will be okay.

Hey, this is epic! What's the license for use?

Oh, that's awesome!

This was a lot of fun! Really loved the party dynamic, it felt like a good game of DnD.

This is a really cool Bitsy game! I love the animated backgrounds in the underworld, very creative use of the engine.

Thank you! I'm actually interested in 3D assets primarily for making illustrations for comics, but I appreciate the well-wishes!

Awesome, thanks!

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The license says to ask about non-gamedev use. I was hoping to use these assets in a 3D digital webcomic I'm making—and potentially as components in other digital art connected to that—is that okay? I can't draw anymore because of my disabilities, so I'm turning to stock I can use to kitbash pictures together instead. Also, I generally try to credit, but just so I know, is it required?

Hey, thank you! This is a very detailed and thorough license! As a disabled creator who can't draw himself anymore, I really appreciate artists like you being so generous with providing free commercial assets!

These are epic! What license are they under? CC-BY? CC0?

Awesome, thank you!

These are really cool! What license are they under? Are they okay for commercial use?

Thanks for the clarification! That's very good to know. I'm a disabled digital artist hoping to make a sort of a webcomic using renders of CC0 assets, since it's no longer tenable for me to produce my own, so a big collection like this could help me out a lot! Thank you for making it!

Hey, thanks, Max! That makes perfect sense.

This is a super cool pack! I'm just curious, since the pack is CC0, does that also mean the modified assets from other creators were originally released under CC0?

These are beautiful trees! What license are they under? Are they free for commercial use?

These are amazing assets! As a disabled digital artist, it means the world to me that people distribute free-to-use assets like this, since I can't easily produce any myself, anymore.

I did notice that most of your assets are under CC-BY-ND (No Derivatives), but these hoverbikes don't specify a license. I like to take voxel assets and run them through a Blender Remesh filter to create a really unique look, but I believe that technically counts as a derivative—am I allowed to do that with these hoverbike assets?

That's very generous of you, thank you!

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Hey, these are rad! What license are they under, for use? Can they be used commercially?

If I do cook something up, I will for sure let you know!

Bless you for making so many high-quality assets free-to-use! I'm disabled and have hopes of making an RPGmaker game, but oddly specific assets can be a bottleneck. This will definitely come in handy!