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Level Joy

A member registered Jun 09, 2016

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A very promising demo, can't wait to see the full product! The art style and the music are beautiful. 

Although the story is vague, the environments give a peek into the situation step by step, through atmosphere rather than through dialog. The puzzles are logical and I suspect they will connect more with the narrative in the full version.  

I made a let'splay video, please let me know if you have any objections :)

En Garde! is currently in BETA and very promising! I can tell lots of love was put into this project by the environments and the interesting mechanics. The controls give the feeling of really being in a duel and require the player to get acquainted with the ins and outs. because to effectively hack and slash your way through your enemies, you must know how to wield a rapier and effectively throw insults.

The game is about 30 minutes long, has a visually pleasing environment and classical fiery guitars to accompany you.

One point of improvement could be that the game should allow for more use of the freerun function. There are a few other things that can be improved for a smoother experience but all in all the game feels complete and fully functional.

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Love it when indie games address topics like these in a creative way!

I have a few theories after editing this video... but I'll avoid potential spoilers :P . If anybody knows how to fix the mouse issue, I'd be very grateful :)