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So I've been playing and ngl this game slaps hard. Super fun, controls (for android) after a bit of trial and error are pretty nice. The Bosses after a little more trial and error are doable and worth the effort for the scenes, super cute designs unironically the variety and actions taken really make it fun to go through. Game is banging so far, 10/10 excited to see it go forward. 

(Edit) i had played before and said the bosses were hard on android and i think i just didn't try enough at them. I ended up beating them on the version i made the comment about and then updated and really it's just a grand time.

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yo the game is great i love the play and scenes, is there any tips or tricks to Mushna tho? I'm on the android version and she is wooping me something fierce.  
Update : i managed to beat her after getting the laser sword and now momo is the real big baddie

The progress is really nice! it's come a long way from where it was 6 months ago and i'm eager to see it continue!

cool so far, though running across the map makes it hard to get past 1 orgasm, could do with like maybe a speedy mode, like double tap to go faster. 

I like the new route! Though after defeating the mysterious creature it said thanks for playing, is this a temporary ending or the actual ending?   Either way it's a fun time fun game. 

Ah i see i see, thank you for the advice!

Hi, i was wondering how to activate the pupils/irises to be hearts. I've seen in some images that the pupils are hearts, and i've had it happen one time while doing the deed with the robot. Is there more triggers for a permanent heart eyes or what triggers them to start?