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Hello everyone and Welcome to Dark Deception, A story-driven first-person horror maze game
And ofcourse I played this awesome game!

(already linked it on steam but forgot to link it on here) Please enjoy and let me know if you enjoyed it!

If you did enjoy please consider subscribing to the channel! We are going for 200 subscribers! ( current 174/200 )

Youtube : LetsplaywithPerry
Twitch : LetsplaywithPerry
Twitter : @LetsplayPerry

WIsh you a AWESOME day!


I liked it bro! It took me quite some time to finish it though :P 

Here's my playthrough of the game : 

Check the description for a lot of links to my channels and social media
and also links to the dev. his channels. 

Thank you for watching (let me know what you though of the video) and have yourself a AWESOME day!


You did a cool job on the game :D

Cool monster and really cool that you voiced it yourself  ^^

The only problem i came a cross ingame was that he got stuck.  

( and the ground were the car is parked is tearing a bit it seems. NOT ingame and NOT on the raw footage , but when it was done rendering.... i tried to render it in 4 different ways but it stays, so hopefully people don't mind and luckily it's only at the beginning  ) 

- Perry

- Youtube :

- Twitter :

Hello everyone, 

I am back with another EASY RED video! This episode will start with Germany (defending) , running around on the beach and sniping from the hill. After that we switch to the attack! Playing a medic and i discover a flamethrower !


Wish You all a awesome day! 


* YouTube : Letsplaywithperry

* Twitter : @Letsplayperry

Thanks a lot Marco :D

Hello everyone ,

I hope it's still allowed to post a video here : 

Because we are having Double fun on Omaha beach! ( playing a workshop map and the Original Omaha beach ) 
-> Marco, You are doing a great job improving this game with every update you throw at us :D

Thank You for letting me share this with You  all, 

Have a awesome day! 

- Perry

*YouTube : Letsplaywithperry

*Twitter : Letsplayperry

Hello everyone,

I've played this a while back and it was awesome.

and Thanks to Jason ( JayPlaysOfficial )  i got a free steam key for the game. ( Thanks to Marco as well ofcourse for giving him a spare key! )

( The steam version is 1.0 atm. so i recommend you checking it out on steam. 
Because this game is so well made i also wanted to share the  gameplay of version 1.0.  )

Have fun and please let me know what You think of the game/gameplay/video.

Easy Red #1 : Storm Utah Beach, Chaaaarge! :  

Wish You all a awesome day,

- Perry

* YouTube : Letsplaywithperry , Twitter : @Letsplayperry

Hello everyone, 

I already uploaded my gameplay video, BUT......

The game made it into the Christmas special! :D

I already uploaded my gameplay video, BUT......

The game made it into the Christmas special! :D 

The game made it into the Christmas special :D

Hello everyone, 

This was actually a pretty cool game! :D

I've recorded my gameplay  and added some music to it.

BAM! Christmas episode :D

Have fun!

Ho Ho Ho ! 

This game is awesome :D  sneaking around as a Santa Vampire. I love it!

I've made a Christmas episode, Hope you enjoy : 

I wish You all the best of luck  , Enjoy your holidays / Christmas.


Ho Ho Ho ! 

Obostudio you made a cool Christmas game , i like it

And I've recorded my gameplay and made it into a Christmas episode :D

Please enjoy and I wish You all the best for the holidays

- Perry

*YouTube : Letsplaywithperry

*Twitter : @Letsplayperry

maybe funny news for you ( and all the other readers )
Your game made it into my channel trailer : D

I will link it here if any of you want to enjoy some funny moments of the channel so far :D

It was a pleasure! Thank You for creating the game! :D

Hello  everyone, 

First of all : anttihaavikko Congratulations on winning the 5th place feedback prize :D

and second :  This is a cool short game and i loved it !  I've recorded my gameplay and wanted to share it with You all!

ps. Give the game a try ! and please enjoy my video :)

Sorry the video disappeared because my YouTube got suspended ( mixed up tags in 3 videos ) 
But i've re-uploaded the video to Twitch! :

ps. i saw that you updated the game so i will be playing your new update on my new YouTube channel :)

(1 edit)

I played through it in a couple minutes but it looks really cute! Nicely details when you walk into the dark area. 

keep up the good work :D

edit : keep in mind people it's still a work in progress.

Hello everyone !

I've also played and recorded this game and i enjoyed it.
It actually got me a couple times haha .

Please enjoy and let me know what you think :D 

Glad You enjoyed the video!  And Thank You for creating the game  :D
hehe You didn't have to explain yourself ^^ , I was just throwing out my thoughts :D 

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Hey ,

It's a cool little game . to bad it's really short.
But You started something really nice , so keep it up and hopefully more will be added later :D

You can see my gameplay video here : 

You're welcome ! I think it's awesome so Thank You for creating the game  ! :D

Hello everyone ! 

I've played and recorded this awesome looking game :D
Graphics & gameplay  are really cool! 

Big thumbs up for the dev! Keep up the good work!
I recommend it to everyone :D

If you would like to see my gameplay then please have a look here : 

Wish you all a awesome day!

- Zwaffeldin ( a.k.a. Perry )

Hello everyone !

I've made another Easy Red gameplay video! This time it's JUNO BEACH! (game version 0.3.5b )

Please let me know what You think of it.  Maybe some feedback about the video and/or the game. That way I can improve my videos and the developer can improve his game! :D

Thank You for Your time and have fun with the video :

-Zwaffeldin a.k.a. Perry 

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Wow dude! This game is something else!
It's freaking hilarious and i LOVE IT!
Check out my gameplay here , You almost made me cry 

haha glad you enjoyed it !
I will download the new version when i continue with the next map :D  Thanks for the update.
Sorry it took so long to respond , didn't see the notification :(  my bad!

(3 edits)

Hello everyone!

I know it's been out for a while now, But here i am with a gameplay video :D 

I love that the game is in black and white :D The clown mechanics could use some work.

Curious what they are going to do with Clown House 2
( dev? Is clown house 2 still coming? )

Wish you all a awesome day!

I am back with some more action.. 
Check it out here. :

Let me know what you think.

You're very welcome!  I enjoyed playing it :D
And Thank You for watching them :D
Maybe i will play some more levels in the near future :D

Heeya all , i'm back with a second gameplay video!
This time i am playing the german side ( defending Pointe Du Hoc! )

Please enjoy :

Heeya all ,

I also played and recorded this game and i think it has a lot of potential.
runs smooth , Funny AI , nice gameplay ,  You can even loot the corpses and steal their ammo !

i will link my gameplay video here : 

Heey ,
This was a cool little game.  ( *cough* .. thought it was a little horror-ish game )
But still i enjoyed it! here is my gameplay video of it :

Thank you and have a awesome day!

And Finished the game ! Check out my last night ( night 7 ) here :
Or if you want to see all : click the Playlist link in the main post
Thank you and enjoy the show :D

night 1-5 completed  :

looks like the game has been here for a while but non the less  i've played and recorded my gameplay. it's not a perfect game but damn it has some Awesome features.  the dinosaurs look cool, the environment looks beautyfull :D

Video link : 

Have a awesomeday!