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You did a cool job on the game :D

Cool monster and really cool that you voiced it yourself  ^^

The only problem i came a cross ingame was that he got stuck.  

( and the ground were the car is parked is tearing a bit it seems. NOT ingame and NOT on the raw footage , but when it was done rendering.... i tried to render it in 4 different ways but it stays, so hopefully people don't mind and luckily it's only at the beginning  ) 

- Perry

- Youtube :

- Twitter :

Hello everyone, 

I am back with another EASY RED video! This episode will start with Germany (defending) , running around on the beach and sniping from the hill. After that we switch to the attack! Playing a medic and i discover a flamethrower !


Wish You all a awesome day! 


* YouTube : Letsplaywithperry

* Twitter : @Letsplayperry

Thanks a lot Marco :D

Hello everyone ,

I hope it's still allowed to post a video here : 

Because we are having Double fun on Omaha beach! ( playing a workshop map and the Original Omaha beach ) 
-> Marco, You are doing a great job improving this game with every update you throw at us :D

Thank You for letting me share this with You  all, 

Have a awesome day! 

- Perry

*YouTube : Letsplaywithperry

*Twitter : Letsplayperry

Hello everyone,

I've played this a while back and it was awesome.

and Thanks to Jason ( JayPlaysOfficial )  i got a free steam key for the game. ( Thanks to Marco as well ofcourse for giving him a spare key! )

( The steam version is 1.0 atm. so i recommend you checking it out on steam. 
Because this game is so well made i also wanted to share the  gameplay of version 1.0.  )

Have fun and please let me know what You think of the game/gameplay/video.

Easy Red #1 : Storm Utah Beach, Chaaaarge! :  

Wish You all a awesome day,

- Perry

* YouTube : Letsplaywithperry , Twitter : @Letsplayperry

Hello everyone, 

I already uploaded my gameplay video, BUT......

The game made it into the Christmas special! :D

I already uploaded my gameplay video, BUT......

The game made it into the Christmas special! :D 

The game made it into the Christmas special :D

The game made it into a Christmas special :D

Ho Ho Hooo! 

I had fun playing  with Mister slide-a-lot here :P

And i made a CHRISTMAS episode out of it which you can find here : 

Please enjoy!

Wish you all a awesome Christmas and the best of wishes!

- Perry

 *YouTube : Letsplaywithperry

*Twitter : @letsplayperry

Hello everyone, 

This was actually a pretty cool game! :D

I've recorded my gameplay  and added some music to it.

BAM! Christmas episode :D

Have fun!

Ho Ho Ho ! 

This game is awesome :D  sneaking around as a Santa Vampire. I love it!

I've made a Christmas episode, Hope you enjoy : 

I wish You all the best of luck  , Enjoy your holidays / Christmas.


Ho Ho Ho ! 

Obostudio you made a cool Christmas game , i like it

And I've recorded my gameplay and made it into a Christmas episode :D

Please enjoy and I wish You all the best for the holidays

- Perry

*YouTube : Letsplaywithperry

*Twitter : @Letsplayperry

maybe funny news for you ( and all the other readers )
Your game made it into my channel trailer : D

I will link it here if any of you want to enjoy some funny moments of the channel so far :D

It was a pleasure! Thank You for creating the game! :D

Hello  everyone, 

First of all : anttihaavikko Congratulations on winning the 5th place feedback prize :D

and second :  This is a cool short game and i loved it !  I've recorded my gameplay and wanted to share it with You all!

ps. Give the game a try ! and please enjoy my video :)

Sorry the video disappeared because my YouTube got suspended ( mixed up tags in 3 videos ) 
But i've re-uploaded the video to Twitch! :

ps. i saw that you updated the game so i will be playing your new update on my new YouTube channel :)

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I played through it in a couple minutes but it looks really cute! Nicely details when you walk into the dark area. 

keep up the good work :D

edit : keep in mind people it's still a work in progress.

Hello everyone !

I've also played and recorded this game and i enjoyed it.
It actually got me a couple times haha .

Please enjoy and let me know what you think :D 

Glad You enjoyed the video!  And Thank You for creating the game  :D
hehe You didn't have to explain yourself ^^ , I was just throwing out my thoughts :D 

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Hey ,

It's a cool little game . to bad it's really short.
But You started something really nice , so keep it up and hopefully more will be added later :D

You can see my gameplay video here : 

You're welcome ! I think it's awesome so Thank You for creating the game  ! :D

Hello everyone ! 

I've played and recorded this awesome looking game :D
Graphics & gameplay  are really cool! 

Big thumbs up for the dev! Keep up the good work!
I recommend it to everyone :D

If you would like to see my gameplay then please have a look here : 

Wish you all a awesome day!

- Zwaffeldin ( a.k.a. Perry )

Hello everyone !

I've made another Easy Red gameplay video! This time it's JUNO BEACH! (game version 0.3.5b )

Please let me know what You think of it.  Maybe some feedback about the video and/or the game. That way I can improve my videos and the developer can improve his game! :D

Thank You for Your time and have fun with the video :

-Zwaffeldin a.k.a. Perry 

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Wow dude! This game is something else!
It's freaking hilarious and i LOVE IT!
Check out my gameplay here , You almost made me cry 

haha glad you enjoyed it !
I will download the new version when i continue with the next map :D  Thanks for the update.
Sorry it took so long to respond , didn't see the notification :(  my bad!

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Hello everyone!

I know it's been out for a while now, But here i am with a gameplay video :D 

I love that the game is in black and white :D The clown mechanics could use some work.

Curious what they are going to do with Clown House 2
( dev? Is clown house 2 still coming? )

Wish you all a awesome day!

I am back with some more action.. 
Check it out here. :

Let me know what you think.

You're very welcome!  I enjoyed playing it :D
And Thank You for watching them :D
Maybe i will play some more levels in the near future :D

Heeya all , i'm back with a second gameplay video!
This time i am playing the german side ( defending Pointe Du Hoc! )

Please enjoy :

Heeya all ,

I also played and recorded this game and i think it has a lot of potential.
runs smooth , Funny AI , nice gameplay ,  You can even loot the corpses and steal their ammo !

i will link my gameplay video here : 

Heey ,
This was a cool little game.  ( *cough* .. thought it was a little horror-ish game )
But still i enjoyed it! here is my gameplay video of it :

Thank you and have a awesome day!

And Finished the game ! Check out my last night ( night 7 ) here :
Or if you want to see all : click the Playlist link in the main post
Thank you and enjoy the show :D

night 1-5 completed  :

looks like the game has been here for a while but non the less  i've played and recorded my gameplay. it's not a perfect game but damn it has some Awesome features.  the dinosaurs look cool, the environment looks beautyfull :D

Video link : 

Have a awesomeday!

This game gave me a couple of good scares ! damn.  And this was only Night 1 ! 

will add the playlist as well , because more episodes will come! 

playlist :

Wish you all a awesome day!

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I made a second video as a thanks for 120+ views in 3 days on my barbershop video.
Maybe it's not that much for other channels but this channel is still new and growing. 
So i'am really happy people enjoyed it. Thank you :D 

Have a awesome day