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Let's Kei

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I would love more voiced lines. The actors did a great job!

Fun game! Some of the dialogue was a bit too over the top for me personally, but it was entertaining nonetheless. Still have to check out the two other ends.

I fully enjoyed the chaotic energy this has and won't give up hope for the full release. One day. uvu

Awesome demo. I'm already pretty invested in some of these characters and want to see more. The escape room gameplay is an interesting addition, and while I doubted my brain there for a second, solving the puzzles felt rewarding in the end. Don't even feel the need to talk about the art and music. Looking forward to the full game!

The demo left me very intrigued. Looking forward to seeing more!

Already played the demo a while back, oops. Looking good so far and I'm interested to see more!

An interesting spin on the myth! I'm not the biggest fan of stat raising personally, but I do like how it was integrated into the story and overall theme. Enjoyed the writing and am curious about all those other endings! (I see there is a guide now as well, thank you!)

Played Farah's path as well now. All the ladies!<3 Interactions with the phone are still very slow, otherwise still liking it.

Loving the demo! Them babies! :,) I had a good time with this and where it ended made me want more immediately.

(Video was recorded before the update.)

Very intriguing demo! I dig the setting and art. Looking forward to the full game!

Very intriguing, long demo. I'm looking forward to playing the full game and deciding whose heart to break first... :,) Some of those choices are actually kinda challenging. You really want me to think while playing? Rude. I like it.

I have to remind myself to give this another playthrough, because I really enjoyed it and am so curious about the other outcomes! Loved the unique art style as well.

I's been a while since I tried this. Very interesting style, love the atmosphere.

I was a bit unsure whether I would like this, because I'm not a huge fan of stat raising, but the demo is really cute and makes me want more! I really love that we also get so many sweet moments with our roommates. Getting to choose top or bottom in the sex scenes is a neat plus, as well. (Though tbh I'll probably go with the LI's preferences. At least the first time, heh.) Pre-order, here I come!

Ah yes, I didn't mention it here, but I did see the update on Steam. I was already mostly finished with the game when the update dropped, so my comment refers to the previous version.

A very cute, chill experience. I caught myself wishing some parts were a little more condensed, but overall, I had fun with this. It was a lot longer than I expected, though, which I still think is only in part because of reading it out loud.

Extended demo = more content = more fun! Also, doesn't "more is more" sound like something Luka would say? It almost startled me how straight forward he is, but it makes for a real fun vibe. I wish there was more voice acting (though I know it's a lot to even have this much in an indie game) as I really enjoyed the parts we do have. Looking forward to the full game even more now!

I'm holding back on playing Leos' route until the voice patch is out, but have absolutely been loving this game so far. Suspense, emotions and comedy plus beautiful art and amazing voice acting. Also, a decent amount of spice. uvu It's all there! If I was to be really picky, I could point out what seem like minor plot holes to me, but they're not spoiling my fun at all. I've just been really into this ever since playing the demo!

The setting and gorgeous art style of this had me interested very quickly. Having the choices be about the confections felt unique, but very fitting. Lovely, short game!

So, even though I immediately thought the art style was pretty, I was a liiittle hesitant at first to try this game. I mean, snails, really?! But boy, am I glad I gave it a chance! I had such a blast playing the demo and it ended up having me seriously invested in the story. I need more!

It has been a while since I played the demo, but I was really impressed with the visuals! Including a mini game was a nice touch, too. It definitely made me curious for more.

It's been a while since I played the demo, but I really enjoyed it and it made me want more. Definitely still looking forward to the full game!

An amazingly eerie game with a charming art style. I love short horror stories that play with your expectations like this.

This game manages to set up quite the atmosphere in its short playtime! Loved the subtle world building and character dynamics. I would love to see more set in this universe!

I may or may not have become way too invested in this game after playing the demo. And scrolling through its Twitter account. And more than 200 tumblr pages. Help.

The premise, diverse cast and options for the MC had my curiosity peeked already, knowing there will be poly routes is also a huge plus. But I honestly didn't expect to be so quickly intrigued by EVERY love interest?! That is a feat in itself. I'm also just loving the art, storytelling so far and the overall vibe. I am absolutely looking forward to the full game.

I already played this a while ago, but still think it deserves more recognition. Such a cute game in an all too relatable setting! Really enjoyed it.

Intriguing premise and demo so far! Good luck with the development!