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6 Robots I think would be ideal, that's enough for a really good annihilator! 

Glad you love the idea of a commentator! I feel it would be a great addition to the game in terms of audio!

Can't wait to start building bots either! I can this drawing in a large community, and I'm sure many tournaments will be held.

Another cool thing to do would be to add a camera that follows behind the controlled robot, maybe even splitscreen for more than one player controlled bot? This seems like an ideal game for local multiplayer, as so many games don't offer it any more on PC.

Most importantly,



Hey guys,

First off, I am LOVING this game already, the flipper physics are so accurate and feel like they have real weight behind them, and is by far the best part of the game on first impression. I also love the bot design, the graphics are really impressive and the bots all have strengths and weaknesses to take advantage of or exploit. 

I would like to suggest a few improvements based off what I have experienced:

  • More bots! Understandably this is in alpha, but the reason I want to express this now is because I really want you guys to consider old and new robots being included. I'm talking the likes of Panic Attack, Behemoth, Hypno Disc, Chaos 2, etc.. If you contact the channel 'twopennymilk' on YouTube, he was part of the Push to Exit team on the newer seasons of robot wars, or as you might be aware, the same team that have ownership of famous robot: Dantomkia! I think both Push to Exit and Dantomkia would be excellent additions to the game as flippers are definitely the strong point so far!

  • Bigger arenas and more bots in a match. My favourite part about Robot Wars was the frenzies and rumbles they did which had up to 6 robots battling it out across the vast expanse of the arena. Having this again would be amazing, and maybe even battling in the arenas seen in various series' of robot combat shows would be insane!

  • Battles should be timed, and robots should have a lot more gas, power and health for the match. Some bots run out of breath way too quickly, or fall apart like paper when hit with an arena hazard. I think having a 3 or 5 minute timer on the matches would be a lot better, as well as making the damage more cosmetic. That way, if real damage is being done, the robots can suffer in more realistic ways rather than just losing health.
  • House robots would be another cool addition, and I would like to see the addition of a few mode types such as Gauntlet runs, Sumo and Tag Team included. It would really flesh out the game and give it content that rivals the classic games we all used to play as kids!
  • Last one (I promise!). Adding a commentator for the matches, just like in the Robot Wars Xbox and PS2 games, would be awesome. Although hopefully with more than just 5 repeated phrases XD I think it's a really cool way to add atmosphere to the battles and make us feel like we're actually in a TV show itself. 

That's all I have for now, but I'm sure I'll come up with more ideas as I continue playing, but I hope this helps with the rest of the development, and hopefully it won't be too long before we see what content you guys have been working on. Thank you so much on behalf of Robot Combat fans around the globe for making this happen, and thank you for doing for us what Robot Arena 3 didn't even try to do! 

- Steve