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Less Boring Games

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I am fairly happy with how the code is working, and it will be a good base to build on.

Progress is coming along quite nicely.  I've gotten the base project set up, packages installed, the database installed, and I can make queries over http.  It's good that I'm able to focus just on this part because I'm finding lots of good ways to clean up a standard all over the place Node Express app, and have a system for settings, using a testing database in unit tests, and separating out controllers from routes.  I also wrote a tiny migration tool that I think will work well too.

All this will be a whole lot lighter weight than something like Django or Rails, and I think if I'm just doing APIs and sockets, I won't be losing much.  I think this will probably make a decent tutorial code base as well!

If none of those words made sense, I'm making progress is all.  I should figure out a way to show something visual with this before the end of the weekend.

The theme is "Extraterrestrial

Hi Jan welcome to the party!  Excited to see what you come up with.

Sounds like a good plan!  If you need any inspiration or code to steal a number of versions of the old site are here in different branches: https://github.com/dvcolgan/to...

Hello all!

Since my game project will next need a database layer, I figured a good project for this weekend would be a dive into getting Postgres set up with Node.  I'll then attempt to use this setup in the game.  If things go well, this could turn into a little info product.

My Trello board of tasks is here: https://trello.com/b/K9ERlTep/...

The returning multi-time champion of LWIMW returns!  As far as genre, I'm always a fan of electronic, Irish, and folk music.

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Hello all.  It has become customary to select a highly optional theme that you might make use of in your project.

I've taken these from here: http://www.cowfacegames.com/ha...

Vote on which theme you like the best: