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the Sheepie seemed to like my answers , I hope that helps You get the ending ;w;'

tut tut tut! :3

tut tut :3

by picking what was true for Me         . - .

I got ending 5 at the start.

then got 2 3 1

but when I tried to get ending 5 again I got ending 4

Blush is short for "BLood rUSH" so anything that makes Your blood rush COUNTS! 

I like this game, tho I think I might have knocked some things off by mistake.


I have a FEELING this game is gonna be great by the time You've done

can You please make it so it's playable via web? ;w;'

a "Monster" that only kills Bullys... may I be They friend? 

I wanna be friends with the sliming Sticky!

alter I did other endings I clicked "no, I want to look at memes" and I got took to Memes XD nioce.

I used Mercy :3

[*finding an game that let Her use mercy fulls Her with DT]

Chara doesn't kill Pap.. Frisk does... the Player makes Frisk kill.. 


[*You feel Your sins on Your back]

Tut tut tut Tut tut tut! tut! tut!! tut! tut!! Tut! Tut!! tut! tut tut tut Tut Tut tut Tut tut Tut

[*She tuts, there is no stopping Her... You leave Her alone as You should.]

I Found; "New Unity Project" in the corner.

by "head" I meant Your screen, like within the game ._

I loved it but it'd would be cool if the "A.I" knew when You were nodding or shaking Your head as yes or no to what They're saying. (p.s I rated 5 stars)

uh.. I'm autistic so maybe I don't understand what the game is meant to be saying but it seems like it's saying "If You're disabled Your Mother won't care when You're dead" what I hope it isn't meant to be saying...

I'm guessing it's set in like times where People were dumb and thinked woman were less then man so I can understand that weirdness. 

I enjoyed the game mostly

note to Ayumi: it was great playing with You, let's have another playdate some other time.

to Maker(s) of this game: very nice game very cute hope You enjoyed making the game as mush as I enjoyed making. (or enjoyed more)


I named the Dog "Sugar" I miss Sugar :,v

I enjoyed it :p

Thank You for de Undertale Battle. :3