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I download it in 8/1/2019 and at that time I play a start I think, but recently I replay it completely and think it's absolutely amazing! and that unexpected ending is very pleased and all worth for everything player did.

Then I come and read log, comment, etc, then I found this you said the problem with tower cost.

When I see it I know there's a simple solution which is used by other games, that is, increasing cost with tower numbers, e.g. first tower cost 100, second cost 200...

I also read in other comment somewhere, you said the game system should be simple, that is what makes it so best, I absolutely agree so, and I think a simple way is give game more modes, like classic simple system mode, adv system mode. or even, different game archives versions if you want keep a simple menu?

For right now, I hope the game can has a little change: HP of emeny ship can be stronger and stronger with game process, otherwise the emeny is weak when you are in late game. This function can be an option in menu, and more, give player access to set max value.

Anyway, amzing game! art, simple, city building, and more good things, I had completely played it 3 or 4 times recently.

Thanks and glad to hear that. I just saw your twitter and the images were really cool, but that big nose were some ugly to me....but, whatever, the game is becoming more and more great, many thanks for your team :)

A text name will break screen so hide it or use color or some special appearances to mark those special guys who say thanks maybe will be better. :)

Hi, dear dev, an option to disable timelimit is needed, you know what? when I play this game I really enjoy helping people, yes I don't think it's a store that about sale or money, I feel it's all about help and feeling, a emotion, a mood, happy, slow, no pressure, I can just left the game there then drink some coffee and then go back to continue to help people, or just stop move and just see screen just see it with noting to do, I don't care money I don't care level, what all I care is this feeling......

Your special graphics and animation and gameplay makes these feelings.

So I recommend to add this option, and more better is adding an function to open/close store to makes more freedom and more real feelings with no level ( I mean, when store closed I could still move in store and chose a time to open store again, not mean the screen turns to black, but mean real, freedom, seamless experience), and, we can thinking more things, like a special people say thanks to you after you help a special people many times (if you give that guy a name then when that first happens, believe me some players will be very surprise).

I love a game like above, simple, happy to help people, freedom, no pressure......

BTW, when I first played the game I didn't realize it's a store untill I noticed the money number, before that I thought it's a ...some service without money needed.

Of course maybe you need more levels more elements to make the game becoming more rich, but may you consider my suggestions, add some options to have possibility to trun on/off those gaming function.

Sorry for my English if there's somewords couldn't understand just let me know. And, I really love this game, awesome for me. :D

You're welcome :D

Tested again, AU at least 340ms, EU at least 300ms, US at least 700ms, KR at least 280ms, in server selection page, all are unstable.

90% 290ms~380ms, 10% 400ms+, in created game hall, two minutes.

All three servers have at least 200ms+, and sometimes went up to 600ms+, it's unstable. 

I'm in China and as someone know this country has a bad network connection to international network for most civilians, like blocked, unstable, etc. So a LAN would be best to me and my friend....

Anyway thanks I knew it's a need for only a few people so I totally understand your choice. 

Have a good day! :D

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Hi, dear dev, could you add a lan function? cause those pulicservers have too high ping to me and my friend, and we were used to use Lan. If it's not difficult, may you did it?