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I'm anxious for a long time...

2160 points, VERY RELAXING!

58 highscore =p love it! The game just need to show you your highscore and collected itens at the game over screen. But very fun and cool mechanics (press space again to go down)

LOL very funny game! Love it!!!

A very cool and solid game! Good the art style and pallete!

Fun game! Got 32 highscore haha but I can't see half game because my monitor crops it... Just need a full screen option, but overall is a very nice game! love it

Thank you pod11! Glad you enjoyed (I saw your game, soooo cool!), but what do you mean with more than 2 buttons? (R to restart and mouse-click to launch the ball)

omg how I love pico-8! Good job Tom! Cool game, the background effect is SOOO NEEEEAT!

Good concept and execution! The gummy is so yummy =p Just need a power indicator, enjoyed a lot your game Kiichiro!

Fun and simple game! Enjoyed sooo much! You nailed it!

WOW That was better than me! Congrats!!

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I dragged myself to do all these levels... the initial thought of the game was 3 levels without a menu! Thank you very much!

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It is normal play this game while... I DANCE??? TA TA TA DADA TATA TAAA DADA haha LOVE IT!

Cool 3D really enjoyed it! The controls are TOO FAST but the overall is a very nice game! Congrats

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Love it! Awesome art style, the mouth was terrifying for me lol simple and smooth colors (I got a bug when the soda + bubble hitted me but it's ok) Enjoyed it so much.

ORC SMAAAASH I laughed so hard when one orc killed the other one for the candy lol I didn't expected that. Love it!!

Wow GOOD use of limitation! I got confused on level 2 but then I figured it out, love it!

Holy crap that was fun and terrifying LOL The chef saying "BURN IT, BURN IT" xD Very cool UNIQUE style of art!

NEAT Graphics + gameplay... Also liked the difficult selection feature!! Enjoyed it

Hard but interesting!

Played lots of times lol Enjoyed so much!

OMFG THAT INTRO! Love it so much!!! Awesome narration + arts... I love how the music get faster when you progride! That was neat.

Don't know why but every time I die I can't restart with the < + > (So I restarted the game multiple times closing/starting it), cool graphics + skins! Enjoyed it!

Cool game! I'm in love with the soundtrack. Nice and fun game!

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Salve Marcos beleza? Não sei se lembra de mim, eu sou o cara que "não curte space shooters" lá do curso (que depois fiquei com ele mesmo assim) kkkkk depois dá uma olhada no meu lá! Gostei bastante do seu, ri demais quando peguei o doce e ele explode pra longe, muito show o conceito! Muito bom.

construct 2

Thank you Duy!

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Cool mechanics and OST! I like the way that you control the frog with AWSD and his tongue with the arrows! That was a fun playing! AWesome controls. (The frog sprites + animations are so cool)

Enjoyed so much! (Good job with the art)

This reminds me the games that I'd love playing when I was a kid! Love it!!

Nice artwork and music! Good Job!

I like the way the aliens move lol fun game!

Never played a game like this! Simple and cool concept, love it!

What a lovely game! Cool dialogs and stealh action! "Modern slavery" THIS IS SO TRUE!!

I'm in love with the vibe of the game and the difference between the levels. Good job!

Thank you!! <3

Good to know! Next one you post so I can play it! I make games as a hobby for a while... posted my game but this is my first time ever doing EVERYTHING! I did even voice acting lol


Can I sell my game with these songs? Thanks!