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A great, peaceful experience, where you have to bring water to flowers in order to make them grow. Really relaxing are the ambient sounds and music, and pleasant are the visuals and the colours. From the point of view of the gameplay, this game offers a collection of puzzles - pretty straightforward in the most cases - with a slow increase in the difficulty curve and the addition of new mechanisms going forward with the levels.

As the title asks. I see little responsivity on bugs reports, I see a 1.0 version promised more than 2 years ago but never appeared here... Is the version of this game abandoned in an unfinished state? I don't think that the "In development" state is correct, anyway.

And that's a pity, because this is a good game.

A nice project, a collection of funny, psychedelic arcade minigames quite challenging but not too hard, usually. Also, a great idea the system to unlock the minigames, it gives you the right stimulus to fight the battles in the games!

Thank you for creating such a nice experience!

Good sequel to Open Sorcery. A lot of attention to details and dialogues. Funny setting. Maybe a little too "static".

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Bug report here, in Decker dream, whenever I choose "hands", the game crashes. Also with the humbugs in Decker apartment, clicking "continue" after examining the windowsill. Also in Sarah's dream, while going down the stairs with her.

If I open the index.html file with my browser and play it there, it doesn't seem to crash in any of the 3 situations. May be a problem with the sandbox mode?

OS: Win10

Amazing, text-based game! The idea of mixing technology and magic is performed in such a great way, it is really able to make you empathise with BEL/s. And in addition to this, it's also funny. The only negative aspect: it's far too short for being this good!