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wow I didn't know you could get an S! Hollow + mirror dice made this a crazy run. Normally I go for the grow dice. I only ever had an A or an F before. Also I feel like you should get a bonus for having perfect health and shield at the end of the last boss battle.

I mean also what you can do is really quite limited and you can always act as though they'll do their max (prioritize blocking if you can't finish em off). Also you at least have an idea of what you're risking! For me it's the biggest problem with the violin guy who copies you. 

after you play a couple times you get a sense of how much they'll do. 

regular fly: 1-3

arrow guy: 1-3, 2x

heal guy: maybe one hit of 1-3, and also a heal

shield guy: one hit of 1-3, 2 shields of 1-2.

then there are higher levels of each, and some others. The worst is the purple fly guy. that guy sucks.

if you hover over them you can see which square they are

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Having a "randomize all dice" event literally immediately before the last boss is...interesting. / also SO annoying. I just played for 30 minutes and now all my dice are gone before the last boss!?!

I had one gold grow attack die that transformed into basic hollow attack. Used it every turn and then Blaghhhhh

Dude. Total agree. It's super unclear how the muscle guy's power gets triggered.

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holy crap!!! I FINALLY BEAT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The dynamic on the last one is nuts. The honey dice can be helpful but it depends on where things are. Wowzers. What an amazing, addicting, and extremely aggravating game! 10/10.

Okay I get that the crown slots affect the boss's attack. But it's really unclear how the honey dice affect it? And you need to play the honey dice without triggering an attack somehow. Or only triggering weak attacks. Hmm... Anyone figure this out??

The last boss is so OP. I don't understand how one hit can do like 25 damage on its first attack and totally wipe me out. Also it takes so long to get there. A save point would be fun. Ugh.

Well a poop is AMAZING because if you upgrade it once it turns into The Holy, which is a 6 attack every time! But it does require that upgrade. However I think maybe some boosts might not be helpful by the end. Especially an un-upgraded one. And upgrading a boost only upgrades from 1/2 chance of it being a 1 to 1/3 chance of being a 1, while introducing the 3. 

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Really fun and addictive game! I am truly impressed by the people who have beaten the game. The axe guy is brutally powerful, and coming across two at once is tough, esp when they each do 10 damage. Do they get the power-up if a heavy die is stuck in their slot? It seems they do 10 damage regardless. 

Also I still have not the slightest clue about the last boss. How did you all figure this out? And how/when do you decide to remove dice?

Yes I got one. It's great but also you need it to come up at the right times. Sometimes it'll hide from you.