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I can't play it..
When unzipped {or viewed} it only shows one file called "Bendy's-return.rp_pc-10" and its saved type of file is called "RP_PC-10 File"

I been playing these rpg games for years, I've never came across a file like this I think, It wont play and nothing comes up for it {like any rpgmakers or flash}

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I had quite a while back played this on my YT 

I really enjoyed the artwork and the thought behind this game, it's rare to actually see a game that has been handmade drawings, As an artist myself, this is one of my favs, It gives more ideas that games Do not have to be made only with a computer, that you can make it out of anything

I mean i already played the demo {never said it was on the page tho} It was good till the only real part of the game was cut for it being a demo

This the demo or the full game?

wow..... thanks for the Spoiler......

I enjoyed it slightly, it was super easy to tell wut was gonna happen, Funnily I made up a creepy pasta years ago {like 10 years ago}  that was called "The Gentlemen" it was a guy in a suit but he had a old TV for a head, I never put it up tho

I guess thats the reason i decided to play this lol