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wow, will there be eng vers?

can you tell us what the dateable chars role are? I wanna date a select few

awesome! wanna play it with controller so Ill wait till it finish and have functional settings

damn so gorgeous

do we play as a bottom or a switch?

oh sweet, thank you

oh nice, more to pick

is there the character cards? I want to pick, dont want the hairy ones

theres 6 silhouettes but theres only 3 characters beside mc, is there other 3 characters or the 4 is the full lineup?

is there a harem route?

oh my cant wait for the future game

Is brother love interest too? I want him to be one

bruh do you even have idea of what you said? like I said, the modern i7 of 11th gen has only 1.2GHz cpu while the game demanding 2.3GHz, whats newer do you deemed newer? 11th gen is pretty much new, and even the yet to be released laptop with 12th gen, come only with 2.1GHz cpu, this is only a vn game duh not even open world why would it have to be very heavy?

all of the games from the dev are made with renpy engine, and it should be a friendly engine, as it can even be made into a browser game, however if the game ask a high frequency cpu requirement means its dev's problem and they should do something about it, Im using an i3 and vn game asking for that high spec is a joke forget lower cpu not even a modern i7 (i7 11th gen has 1.2GHz cpu frequency)  can run it

thatd be great, especially if can make them all body hairless

can we choose the sex role?

do we have the player character customization?

3 endings for each route and both, does it mean theres no good or bad ending?

yes, as the game is made with renpy it should be friendly

interesting, can I know who are the love interests?

hm interesting, do we have player character profile?

looks nice, the art looks good too, Ill wait patiently for the full release


will there be smut?

a better graphics, non pixelated to be precise :) everything is pixelated I'm actually having a hard time reading

is this the same game as the pc?

ooh new version update, I tried the linux version but I cant find the program?

will we have a remastered version?

is this game abandoned?

hm the names kinda reminds me of kanata no astra

yea that's a collab game, man can't wait for this game to be release

eehhh??? do we need to play as a female? why cant we play as a male too???

thx for the suggestion, the only ones I havent known is dead dating and uncle neighbor, guess Ill check it out

p.s : I agree that middle age is on the age of about 50, but lately in the surges of manga they make a 30 something as middle age already so I'm kinda influenced xD

ooh cool, cant wait for it :Dd

yea, chasing the stars is good and all, I know this looks good too, its just, the romanceables are not my type xD the 3 of them looked a middle-aged men so Im really dilemma wether buy it for playing 1 route or not, guess I need to see how much is it when its come to steam first

is there english version?

this is so interesting, cant wait for full release