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The game is really spectacular for an indie game. I can tell so much work was put into this and I commend you for that. There were a bunch of bugs and crashes I experienced but aside from that it's very well done hope there's more to come in the future!

You're very welcome! 😊  

Hey joseph! Finally was able to try out the game and it was frustratingly fun but in a good way thanks for making it and introducing me to it I hope you'll be able to make a full version in the future!

Very interesting I love how it figures out your name

well done!

Thank you I'm glad you enjoyed and hopefully I can do your game justice too :)

Hi joseph glad you enjoyed the vid! And yes i'd be happy to plays yours I do have a couple of vids to do first but I should have yours up by this upcoming Wednesday and I will send you the vid to see if you like it thanks in advance for the game much appreciated!

Great and compelling story with such intriguing mystery and

. Loved every minute of it!

It's been awhile but I still remember having a fun time with this one definitely worth a playthrough concept is great and hope future development goes through!

This was very refreshing for me.  It's always nice to play a unique and fresh indie game and this was exactly that for me thank you for your work on this and hope it exceeds expectations in the future!

So far so good i'll be waiting on future cases like a true detective 


Thank you again I'm glad you were able to enjoy it lol and I wish you the best with the success to the game and if you decide to make future content I hope it all goes well!  

Cute story and I found the writing humorous made me laugh and I felt good playing had a fun time joking around with this one thank you for the work you put into this :) 

I certainly will ty for everything :D 

Really neat and plot twisting game I still have to finish it but I love the dialogue and the story great work!

Had a unique blast playing this one frustratingly good. Overall a fun experience thank you for making this :) 

Spooky and also intriguing had a great time so far!

Very fun game still havent beaten it yet but I will one of these days XD 

Love this game and had such a good time exploring it. It's emotional and touches your heart in the smallest but purest ways. Check it out for yourself. You won't be disappointed!

Great game and wonderful soundtracks I can't wait to play more!

Thank you for making this beautiful game! The mood the dialogue the atmosphere and especially the colors is wonderful much appreciated and please make more content :D