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(Reposted here from the one i put on the steam discussion on Hikaru route)

I wanted to buy Hikaru's route very much,tough after the release of the second book, because i liked very much the carachter in how he had been presented: 

1. Hikaru enjoys technology, but is bad with it due to being from another age. 

2. Normally he’s very charming and kind but he has a stubborn streak.

3. Hikaru easily cries at romance or dramas and doesn’t have much shame about it.

4. He hates spicy and sour foods. He’s a total wuss about them.

5. Hikki does drive but he’s not the greatest - he scares people on the road., This, and he being a history professor(i love history), was a very cool mix for me. 

But after reading these comments i think i have been saved by having a huge disappointment if Hikaru is in any way resembling Amnesia carachters there is no way in hell i am going to buy it, i wanted the route of an academic gentlemen,not of a psycho. So basing the decision on the info i have at the moment i won't buy the route. If Xelestia or someone else here who have played the first part of the route can assuage or confirm my fears i would be very graetful for it. Thanks

Hello! Very good and interesting game! I only played Amesbury Route, i liked him so much,  quite particular person in that environment, progressive and more "human" but when i discovered (SPOILER)he was the bandit and basically stoled the protagonist first kiss with a blackmail of sorts, i could not in good coscience keep romancing him and so i got the bad ending after i refused to forgive him. I don't know if i will play other routes, however again, good game! congratulations