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I love it , the idea , the drawing , everything about it

By the way how to get Jupiter good ending 

I'm talking about the other echo game

why Leo's ending is like this both endings are bad 😭😭😭😢😭😭😭😭                              Please make a third ending.

Like , a third choice when you say that you love him and I will never leave you no matter what,  and you tell him you are here to help , then you tell your friends to go without you and bring help. 

Then you stay with leo until the next day when the help comes. Then you live with him and help him with his problems , and he helps you through your breakdowns.     And stay together and live a happy ever after life 

Please consider this I'm sure a lot of your fans would like it

I got the ending were the leeches invade the prince body. How can I get the other ending