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That's the driver I am using  (stable version 0.16.11): what version are you using?

Let me know what else I can do to help. All buttons are recognized in the control panel's Xbox 360 controllers test zone. Also, it works as expected in the games I have tried.

Unfortunately the xbox one controller still isn't working properly in the latest demo: 'A' button doesn't work, so I cannot even get past the first logo. Btw it seems that the keyboard controls are disabled when a pad is connected. I tried disconnecting the joypad and I could get past the logo. If I then plug-in the Xbox controller, I can see that only a few buttons seem to do something: moving the left stick to the right makes the player go down. And that's it. Other keys don't seem to work properly.

Has the Xbox support been tested on macOS (Mojave)? I can do more testing if you need it.

Thanks for your anwser!

I'll wait for the updated demo then :) 

Let me know if you need some help  testing it.

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After doing more tests it seems to be related to the buttons mapping (I using the default buttons mapping, which works as expected with most games). By pressing the 'z' key on the keyboard I could start the game. When started, the left stick allows me to move, and the left d-pad shows the map. Other buttons do nothing.

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Very promising!

Only a little problem: my XBox One controller (plugged via USB) doesn't seem to work properly on the macOS RubyChest demo. I can press/keep A to skip the logo, but at the title screen it doesn't respond anymore. It's written "press A", but pressing A (or any other button) does nothing.

The controller works correctly with most other macOS games I tried (Celeste, Owlboy,...).

Built-in roms are located here: C:\Program Files\WindowsApps\50446Nesbox.16735B73F29AD_1.1.1.0_x64__8y3dwps6jawp4\Assets\Roms