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I'd die for a Max and Chloe patch update. (Life is strange)

Cute short and sweet, though i wish there was more of a story, I still truly enjoyed this game.

Not even seconds in and the music is amazing. The loading screen is quite possibly my favorite ever.

The scenes move slowly which was quite meh, though the visuals were perfect in counter balance.  The name thing was very confusing at first till I actually started to click. Maybe adding more instruction text would be helpful.

The game is amazing as a trans person I connect with this game on a personal level.

Yall im here waiting for graystillplays to play this!

No one:


The game although heavily reminiscent of Fran Bow Sally Face and Coraline. is Beautifully done and the girl is seriously adorable although the clicking can be annoying at times i really appreciated the creepy design to the game.

yES ITS THE DOG  hes so cute

It stopped working fairly quickly and the controls were hard to use, however the art style is beautiful and im sure if you had more time it could have been improved. Great design regardless

Great game i thoroughly enjoyed it yet there are a few audio glitches i would Love to see this go further, it is amazing

i loved this game and am now kinda bummed i finished it by getting all the items

Me too honestly I wish there was a mode to slow down time so you could.

Cute game,  I like it. 


An idea you could change it so keith goes offline when he leaves in a few of the endings.


YES this is everything I've ever wanted from our boi Connor.

Me- internal screaming because Victuuri and Klance.

I'm seriously about to show this to my little sister she loves cats.

This is seriously adorable and as a cosplayer I'm seriously considering, finding a way to cosplay one of these adorable beans.