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This game was so cute and relaxing! I was afraid that it was going to end sadly but it was so heartwarming even though it was short. I loved the little storyline, I love my grandma and I miss her so much :( Great job on this game and props to you for making a game dedicated to your grams!

I loved how this game was relaxing and very realistic. Please, if you are suffering and you think that no one undertands you please understand that there is always going to be someone there who will listen and provide you the care that you need. It could be a family member or a friend, or even a random stranger, no matter what always remember that you are important, to those close to you, to your acquintances and the world itself. You are much more important than what you think. I love you.

This was a pretty game. I've never seen a game like this the illustration was really beautiful and playable by anyone. Even without dialogs people who can't understand english would still be able to play this because there's no dialog. No need for translations whatsoever :) I really liked it even though it was short I hope there was more games like this, without the dialog just the feeling <3

Aweee this was such a cute lil game! I liked it <3

Considering the amount of people that worked for this game, this was very well done. The voice acting was well done as well! I had a great time playing it, I hope you guys keep up the good work :D

Simple game, but it really did leave a mark. Great job for everyone who helped make this game possible!

You remind me of "Cinnamon Toast Ken" lol.. i don't know why xd

Yeah, I just tried downloading it off the website. I was using the program but it wasn't allowing me to download it... for some reason.. but it's okay now. I can finally play the demo!

It's not available on Windows so I can't play it.. I'm crying on the inside..

The game was beautiful overall, good job! My first game that I played that was made of you was the Anholly one it was good too.


This game was very funny as well and I loved the artstyle!

I just wanna ask how I could get the very last picture though..I've already been through every route, but it's still locked :/

Anyways, good job. I'm looking forward to the games you'll be making in the future!

This was a short but funny game, I liked it xD

It was simple and a nice little game at the same time.

I loved the simple graphics of this game, and the story line was short but interesting. It was both heartwarming and sad.


That game was cute and genius! :D I love your games, so please keep them coming!

That game was beautiful! I just can't help notice the similarities of Maya and Van to Asuna and Kirito lol. Maybe it was just me. Anyways, great game!

That game was cute.

It was a pretty cool game, but I just didn't how there was no saving points and such. I mean, it was nice and such that it was forcing us to be more focused to the game and reach certain points. But yeah, the only problem I really had was how it resets everytime and there's no saving point. Yeah thats just me. All in all, cool game.