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Aweee this was such a cute lil game! I liked it <3

Considering the amount of people that worked for this game, this was very well done. The voice acting was well done as well! I had a great time playing it, I hope you guys keep up the good work :D

Simple game, but it really did leave a mark. Great job for everyone who helped make this game possible!

You remind me of "Cinnamon Toast Ken" lol.. i don't know why xd

Yeah, I just tried downloading it off the website. I was using the program but it wasn't allowing me to download it... for some reason.. but it's okay now. I can finally play the demo!

It's not available on Windows so I can't play it.. I'm crying on the inside..

The game was beautiful overall, good job! My first game that I played that was made of you was the Anholly one it was good too.


This game was very funny as well and I loved the artstyle!

I just wanna ask how I could get the very last picture though..I've already been through every route, but it's still locked :/

Anyways, good job. I'm looking forward to the games you'll be making in the future!

This was a short but funny game, I liked it xD

It was simple and a nice little game at the same time.

I loved the simple graphics of this game, and the story line was short but interesting. It was both heartwarming and sad.


That game was cute and genius! :D I love your games, so please keep them coming!

That game was beautiful! I just can't help notice the similarities of Maya and Van to Asuna and Kirito lol. Maybe it was just me. Anyways, great game!

That game was cute.

It was a pretty cool game, but I just didn't how there was no saving points and such. I mean, it was nice and such that it was forcing us to be more focused to the game and reach certain points. But yeah, the only problem I really had was how it resets everytime and there's no saving point. Yeah thats just me. All in all, cool game.