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Awesome news! BB's development process was quite a challenge for you because of various reasons but I'm incredibly happy to hear that you keep moving forward with new plans. The moment I stabilize my income I will definitely be supporting your projects. Good luck with the new game!

Wow. I'm gonna be honest, when it comes to this kind of parody installments, most of them are half-assed, wonky, low effort patreon cash grabs but this game is unexpectedly well done in it's current built. Animated sequences, nice still images, dialogues, choices, events, flow, blending original story with the series'. My experience and your updates about the game's progress show that you certainly care about the experience and the game itself :) I will definitely follow this one. Nice job!

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It's so good to see you again mate! Good to know you are doing okay. Thank you for updating us :) 

This is a very promising start :) I'm excited to see your plans about the game's future updates. Good luck!

Thank you for informing us :)

An interesting start. Also, I loved the stylistic UI. Nice job with that. Battle phases look nice as well. I wish I could have continued till the end of it but as it is in "pre-alpha" state, I have faced with some rpgmaker errors but of course that was expected. I will mention those things as feedback so we can wrap this pretty-looking game :)

1. When I tried to heal a character in battle, it gave me 2 different texture loading errors.

2. When I returned to the inn and took my way to next place, it gave me some short of error and couldn't get to the next stage.

These two are the healing errors:

This is the error i have faced after trying to get to the next stage:

A smooth start with solid foundation. As other people stated, UI is the first thing I liked. It's very clean and easy to use. Art is beautiful, characters seem to have a variety of unique personalities, story is intriguing with the mysteries we have. In short, great start for a great game :) 

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Played the demo and I can say that the demo was enough to show how unique the game's concept is and how lively the other characters will be in the future contents as we have seen it with Tin. Being able to give "life" to a character is a great success. Finally an unique story without same fantasies being written over and over with dead inside characters. Live 2d is well made, story is unique, dialogue options are nice, voice acting is great, style is great, turn-based gameplay is nice. Yup, this is a good game. I will be waiting for the updates :)

Beautifully made. Love it!