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Pretty good but i get absolutely earwaxed when i kick the ball... The game does look great though.

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Wanted to share my game idea:

It uses "An end is a new beginning" three times

1. The player gets fired from his job at the beginning, and in the letter they say "But remember, every end is a new beginning", which is true. It leads him to a new adventure.

2. The player finds an artifact that revives him when he dies, so all of the damage he does to the levels will stay, but you will be reborn. I will make each death strategic, you have to think about how and when you die.

3. This one is a story thing, i guess you'll just have to find out yourself :D

Other than that, 2D topdown adventure / kinda rpg type game where the player is a private investigator investigating a cult.

Thank you everyone! Unfortunately i will not be able to finish the game, but i wish y'all had a good jamming experience. If anyone wants to steal the idea for a future project, here goes the information i left missing: the game's name would be "Countdown To Extinction", totally not referencing a Megadeth song by the same name. The cult worships a god of rebirth that will destroy the earth but would only rebirth everyone who chose to worship it. It would work somewhat like Roko's Basilisk (google it if you don't know what it is). The player could choose to either try to destroy the cult, or join it.

Depends entirely on what your game will be, some types of games need to be longer than others, like you most likely can't make a compelling story within a game that is 3 minutes long. Short games are very common in jams though, so i think you shouldn't worry about the length and rather the polish of the game.

I think it's a great idea, and fits very well. 

Quick hotfix before the jam ends, fixed many major issues and increased the difficulty slightly. Have fun :)

Very cool! Works with the theme and is a very relaxing experience.

Pretty fun little game :), i think it could've benefit from a volume slider, the music is super loud for me. I'm pretty sure i'm in your discord screenshot right there :D

Doesn't work for me on windows 11. It freezes on the level where there is nothing. I have 250 coins. Strangely the music still plays while nothing else works... Sad to see it not working i think the game looks extremely promising, the page is beautiful.

button supremacy

You too!

Sick game! Music goes hard as all hell!

Ive never really liked the voxel style, but thats all just personal preference so don't mind that :)

The game is really addicting, i felt like playing it over and over but sadly i have a lot to do today so i couldnt go but just a couple rounds. It was a bit annoying to constantly get into a situation where i can't really do anything, but take damage. I think the game would've benefit from additional usable items or weapons, but also, its a jam game so its totally understandable to not have that.

In my opinion, the UI is a bit lacking, the text is too big and ends up looking... strange. Idk how to describe it, and this is really a personal preference thing too but big text in UI just looks wrong to me.

Anyways, great game!

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it. Ive seen that one specific issue talked a lot about, and for good reason. It was an oversight on my part, i did very minimal testing since i added the last few enemies just at the end of the jam so i didn't even notice that happening. If i make a follow up non-jam version, ill fix that, with some other balance things.

Last minute music fix !!!

(It didn't loop earlier)

spooky sausage

Very scary almost peed my pants

I started insulting the skeletons



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2/5 doesn't contain explosions

im joking ofc, its really cool, feels really slow in the beginning and is not very satisfying but it is what it is and is very solid for 3h

It's a fun idea, the going up and down controls feel pretty unresponsive and bad, and they dont make much sense for a submarine. What i'd rather do is make it be controlled with W and S. Otherwise pretty cool game though.

You can select screwdrivers with 1, 2, 3 and the other buttons.
Thank you for the feedback, glad you liked it

Very good, it was sometimes maybe a little bit confusing and frustrating when i had to spam space and reload and shoot and whateveer super quickly but overall it was a very good experience, especially for under 9 hours.

Really cool, you could totally make this into a mobile game and put it on the play store.

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Vitun täydelline peli, pääsit kans GMTK videoo vaik se oliki joku 5s klippi :D

Its really fun, couldve benefit from some score thing though. My first round was very confusing, i didnt know why i took damage and died. But after reading the how to play section it became very interesting. Fits the theme and the limitation very well. :)

It was a really cool idea, you could create a whole roguelike / roguelite or whatever around this. I thought the dice thing was fun, it just couldve been more interesting, like some animation for the dice rolling and the dice rolls were also pretty painfully slow so they couldve been faster. Fun game though, good luck in the ratings :)

I can :) What r you looking for?

Im addicted

My best time is 00:52

Theres no team, its just me :)

Thanks for the kind words, glad you enjoyed it!

add sex

308 up my ass

There are indeed snakes in this game

HOLY SHIT THAT WAS ENJOYABLE TO FINISH, and the secret room was very cool

I almost cried on one of my deaths, i was so close

Everything looks amazing, the physics feel a bit off, and the movement overall doesnt feel that great but its understandable for a jam

WOW this is amazing, at the very start i was thinking that this is gonna be terrible because the movement was a bit clunky and it didn't look that great but oh my god it turned out to be so amazing. Really made me think. 

Thanks a ton for the feedback, glad you liked it!


did you submit it to the jam? i cant see it on the page.

Some feedback

  • When i press continue when i havent even made a new save it just throws me into the boss room and i cant do anything
  • The game starts with two hearts, whether this is intentional or not, it doenst feel good (full health would be better)
  • The walk animation feels too slow
  • Cant jump on enemies...? Idk if this is intentional or not but make them have something to indicate i cant jump on them if its not supposed to damage them. (like a spike)
  • When walking out of the first room, maybe make the spikes be a little further from the entrance, or make the camera go faster, i keep bumping into them and its annoying
  • Also, again when you gain the speed up thingy the spikes should be somehow indicated to be right next to the room, otherwise theyre just an annoyance
  • Cant replay boss when you die, it just locks you out
  • Make starting a new game a little harder, i accidentally clicked it and ended up deleting all i had done
  • The main menu is kinda ugly, but i get that this is just a demo so it isnt a big deal

Very good looking, and a great start for a game!

Very good looking but the character just didnt feel like jumping sometimes...

everything too beany