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Everything looks amazing, the physics feel a bit off, and the movement overall doesnt feel that great but its understandable for a jam

WOW this is amazing, at the very start i was thinking that this is gonna be terrible because the movement was a bit clunky and it didn't look that great but oh my god it turned out to be so amazing. Really made me think. 

Thanks a ton for the feedback, glad you liked it!


did you submit it to the jam? i cant see it on the page.

Some feedback

  • When i press continue when i havent even made a new save it just throws me into the boss room and i cant do anything
  • The game starts with two hearts, whether this is intentional or not, it doenst feel good (full health would be better)
  • The walk animation feels too slow
  • Cant jump on enemies...? Idk if this is intentional or not but make them have something to indicate i cant jump on them if its not supposed to damage them. (like a spike)
  • When walking out of the first room, maybe make the spikes be a little further from the entrance, or make the camera go faster, i keep bumping into them and its annoying
  • Also, again when you gain the speed up thingy the spikes should be somehow indicated to be right next to the room, otherwise theyre just an annoyance
  • Cant replay boss when you die, it just locks you out
  • Make starting a new game a little harder, i accidentally clicked it and ended up deleting all i had done
  • The main menu is kinda ugly, but i get that this is just a demo so it isnt a big deal

Very good looking, and a great start for a game!

Very good looking but the character just didnt feel like jumping sometimes...

everything too beany

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What the fuck have i made bro

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Yep, the bosses were a little too easy and uninteresting, and i absolutely suck at making music so i didfnt make any for this game. Thanks for the feedback!

Yeah, glad you liked it, i had a pretty major case of burnout at the end and it really was a pain constantly replaying it and balancing. Ty for the feedback.

what the fuck have i not made bro

what the fuck have i not made bro

for sure dude ;D

what the fuck have i not made bro

Yea the wall jump is a bug, just something to do with unity's physics system (it clips in the wall for a fraction of a second sometimes). Thanks for the feedback, i will update this in a couple days but i really dont feeel like opening the project right now.

Oh yeah my bad i mistook it for another point in the game, do you think this is something i might want to update the game with? And another glitch was found so maybe i might.

It isnt a dead end on the right, you can climb the vines...? Or am i misremembering this place?

Thanks a lot! I do think too that the art is really what i succeeded in while making this. I had a huge burnout at the end of it as i usually do while making games that take longer, and i did have plans to add a few more biomes but it just didnt happen. Thank you.

It's not

God damn level 17 and 20 were hard, but it was really fun.

This is some good stuff man, i've searched for so long for a good pixel art font and i think this is some of the best stuff yet.

Feedback: i think its a good idea, maybe it would've been better for it to shoot at the mouse instead of straight ahead but it isnt that big of a deal. Also, one thing you couldve done to make it better is make the sprites smaller, because its tough to dodge the enemies. Because you cant shoot backwards, some asteroids become impossible to hit.

But anyways, its a good jam game, good job dude :)

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I think its really good, while i wouldve preferred a simpler colot palette (i think it looks a little bit messy) i think its good and especially really good for 3 hours.

Yeah, interesting that its at 99%, when my gpu (1050ti) is at 32%.

Hi, i just updated it. Check if it works better now.

Thank you for the comment! I will in the next updates make more settings to customize how the game performs. Also, for me it is at 35% and my gpu isnt very powerful so i might've somehow forgot to make vsync a thing in the builds. I'll look into that, could you tell me what gpu you have?

72 highscore (15s)

Sorry if i undestood wrong, but there are two flashlights and you use the regular one to see ghosts. We maybe didn't have a great tutorial if that was misunderstood so much. Thanks for the feedback.

Thanks a lot for the review, we will try and fix the art in the post-jam version.

Yeah, i really had a hard time having the flashlight not go through the walls, and really didn't have time for it before the jam ended, glad you liked it anyways.

The game is pretty good, there are a few things though-

The bullet sound doesn't play when it hits a far away wall, it probably should play when you shoot instead, also you could definitely tune down the bullet sound. Also, the jump felt really floaty, try giving the player a little bit more gravity and decrease the weight. or maybe it is the other way around but that wil make the jump feel less or more floaty. Also, the enemies didn't really feel threatening because i could just one hit them without them even getting close, and killing the enemies didn't really feel too impactful because they just disappeared.

Anyhow, that is a lot of negative things, but that was not my intention. Good stuff, needs a bit of improvement but is fun nevertheless.

Glad you liked it, i will rate your game too!

Glad to hear that you enjoyed it.

Yeah we for sure should've had a better tutorial, glad you liked it though

Yeah, the battery was a little bit of a strange mechanic, on one hand the battery is useful to make the player have an empty hand sometimes, on the other hand when the battery runs out, the replacement batteries are in strange places which means that theyre tough to find. 

Fun stuff, i like the problems you get into and the things you have to do but i feel like the jump could've been a little higher. Nothing else much, good job.

I'd also appreciate if you could play and rate my game too. Thanks :)

Fucking flawless ending, really nice art and atmosphere.

(spoiler if someone wants to experience the ending) i thought i glitched the game by going outside the bounds, then when i saw something starting to appear on the screen i thought i was going to get jumpscared but ended up with some fucking skyrim clip. That was a hilarious and a good ending.

There was a bit of tile flickering, thats just about everything negative i can say.

Btw, would you mind playing our game as well? Our game names are a fun coincidence.