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Let us become werepuppers? owo xD

Wont let me download..

Well this looks like a fun demo so far.

Yuuuuuuus, update~ *Grabby paws at* xD

Thats some neat arts used for this one~

Welp.. guess I know what im gunna buy next month <- < xD

Nah, windows but ive noticed afterward you had the links switched around

Ya got the download for mac and pc switched around.

Hmm.. the game isnt showing when downloading for windows.

<- < ya put a new update just as im bout to get off to bed xD

Hmm.. probably the computer that ive first tested this game didnt ran it properly, tried it on another one and it seems to be working so far.

Hmm.. is it normal that im seeing errors pretty often in the public build so far? like missing text, stuff like that.

Finally managed to make it work.

Windows, trying to download it but the download bar gets stuck halfway.

Hmm.. cant seem to download it.

All gud, always, everyone needs to sleep :p

I know right xD

Seems interesting to try out.

Welp still worth the wait, love this VN~

So, just to be sure, no actual update?

Welp ive found nine in total now, safe to assume I looked through everything needed lol

Big words as in capital letters or repeated more then usual compared to some?

Welp.. only can seem to find six passwords..

Hmm yep, bout the time I got your reply, I was working on those xD

Cant seem to find the access to the river bank.

Cant seem to make it work.

I second this.

They could but after all, the creators alone will decide on their pace of work, rushing them is never good.

Kinda wish there was a better ending with Leo but great VN otherwise~

This looks interesting, might try this game out later.

Razmed is a handsome boi~