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Yer better get some rest then, last thing we would want is you to collapse.

I mean, if you plan to eventually create both in the long run, coud always flip a coin.

Bought it on the switch the moment it got available :p

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Tried it out the vn a week ago, looking great so far x3

Already can tell its gunna be lovely =w =

Hmm.. would be kinda neat to be able to level up without having to be forcefully to pick a perk.

So, Kiel is in the public version now?

I swear to god, these updates whenever im going to bed, at least ill have something to do later now xD

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Am getting integrity knights vibes from this updates, love it

Will have to admit it I wasnt expecting the voices at first but its a nice feature x3

Daaaang you update! just as im about to get off D: xD

Nice to know ya been doing alright though.

I dunno, when I hear bad ending and muscles related together, seems like a good ending to me ;p xD

Having issues in the current public version when going through a reborn cycle, this happens when clicking the option to reborn.

My arch ennemy, timing, just as im about to head to bed, an update xD

An update no matter how small it is is always worth it ;p

I still only see the 1.02 build as the free one, beside the newest chapter.

I like that first one already lol

I sure like the lunisian grav-doser in the center, hes one big boi -w-

Welcome back to the land of the living ;p

I see tentacles, something tells me imma enjoy this update xP hehe

Mhm, not getting stuck in the saves now

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I tried with bigger ones ( or smaller ones ) but still had the same issue

When saving, cant seem to exit the saves afterward, gotta close and re-open.

Considering some games or vns onto there are bordeline nsfw, this shouldnt be a problem.

imma need to get a eshop card then lol

No window mode?

I swear to god, the timing, just as im about to head to bed and an update is up lol

An update is always worth it no matter how big or small it is =v =

Is it only the character creator available?

I still see a handsome  boi

Hmm.. ill try on another then, cuz am mainly using chrome xP

Will be fun to play out if it ever decides to load on my end = 3 =;

The long wait was worth it

xP alrighty x3

Are all of the new encounters on Taun?

Already looks fun to play and I havent tried it out yet

The timing <. < as im about to get off, an update! xD, ill have something to do later now though~

Not exactly sure how to get access to the new zone despit the info being onto the game page.