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Working all fine for now, I didnt minded redoing a new gameplay.

it meant something to me when I said it, my bad xP, am not the only one using the comp so I end up sharing it but I think its my old saves that caused the issue, I might have clicked on the loading instead of a new game

Will be checking later then

Am unable to open the vn

Was wondering, thank ye for letting us know

Are we able to try out the demo?

A prologue is still worth it =w =

I second this~

Yeee no, no need to be sorry, you go take care of yourself first instead -v -

Yuuuuus, I know what imma be updating later~

I like whats been released so far~

Always worth an update no matter how small it is :v

More love for demons, yuuus~ =w=

Pretty much the same for me here.

When you go to meet Jude to run with him, his sprite during most of that moment, his eyes looks empty.

Hes a cute boi

Jeeze lol, someone is salty bout adult games in dat post xD

Arrogant boi is cute

An update is always woooorth it~ :v

D:, gotta restart all over?

Took the words out of my mouth lol

Sprites looking cute~

Are we supposed to have access to it in the public build?

Any updates is always worth it :v

I know right? lol

Moar buff  bois :p

I like their outfits~

This is great so far~

Haaaaapppeeeeh birthday *Smashes a cake in your face* X3

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All that gold farmed gunna be gone then qwq x3

Will be awaiting the time like a good boi =u= x3

Upaaaate~ *Grabby paws at*

New sprite looks great~

An update is always worth it no matter the content~ ;v

This be a fun vn so far, despit one of the battles giving one hell of a job to complete lol

An update is always worth it~ :v

Though, is there a way to work onto the save files? having to restart when there is a new update everytime because its not compatible anymore might prove to be a bit bothersome.

Its a cute visual novel~