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ahhhh!!!!!!!! thank you!!!! i'm glad you liked!! ^^

uts was really comforting to write and drawing dulari is always an experience of joy!!.. my tall huggable girly <3

hello!! just wanted to comment here because this game was REAL cute... i loved the whole soft vibe of it and i want to hug and protect sol and chet with my life... the cutests the adorablests the fluffyests... my loves... <33

i loved the character animations, also! it felt dynamic and very immersive. i really wish the best for them and for you too. thanks for this game.

i loved the dialogue box!! really pretty and fitting the ambience!!

aaa this was nice. i love remmi and i love the little piece of the world you showed here. it left me curious about their whole dynamic and daily lives but i'll keep my curiosity >_<

the music is very good!! it really embraced me into the whole narrative.

also!! when i was playing i thought the GUI was familiar and when i read one of the comments saying that you took from one of robobarbie's games i was like "ohhh!! so that's where it comes from!!" i really liked Thursday Laundry <3

i really liked remmi. c-can............... can i pet them...........

i LOVE this!!!!!!! the soft atmosphere and bittersweet longing of both are incredibly involving and adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! goodness there's not a single line that doesn't make me crack a smile or float in wonder. the art is incredible in this one!!!!!!!! i loved the ocean of starlight and the fields of baby breath!!!!!!!!! and i love Ros and Vash dynamic so much fr!!!!!!!!!!!! ughhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! T______T beautiful as always!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! excited for full release!!!!!!!

Thanks!! Yeah, it was funny because me and other two people were posting about our projects on twitter and then we're were like "are you also writing about mythology???" because we didn't plan it LOL

this game reminds me a bit of my own experience as a ace. i really liked it. i also enjoyed how you tackled the conflict between friends -- running away doesn't solve things. especially if you keep running away from everything and everyone (and yourself).

thank you for this

Ahhh, thank you!!! ^_^

Yeah............ The hopelessness is real..........

THANK YOU SIR!!! It's my honor to hear that from you 🙏🙏

Thank youu dearie ❤️❤️❤️❤️ ^^ 

Yeah, Orpheus' soul was extremely impacted by that loss, and I felt that the monochrome palette would convey that in a better way! 

I'm really happy you liked it (to a point it made you cry!! omggg). Thank you again!! 

she's so pretty omggg... the whole game was also pretty tbh!! and the music is so calming... i loved the ending too, especially when she said that "just a piece is all lovers will ever need to find true eternal love". the cutest T__T

thank you for this game!!

omg i just realized it was only one va and i'm speechless... (it was so good?????? the scream in the bad ending, omg..... and the cheers in the good ending... omggg.....)

this whole game was RAW. my mom have some struggles with self-image sometimes and here you showed them exactly how they appear: as simple thoughts. suddenly you "realize" details in your body and you can't help but remember people's commentary (the mother one... goodness) and it can get pretty overwhelming. it's so sad that so many gorgeous women think of themselves as ugly and undeserving of love... i think you really managed to capture all this in this little game.

i really liked this. thank you for this <3

(p.s. i think u look gorgeous too.............)

AAAAAAAAA THANK YOU!!!! I'm really glad that the feeling of longing and fear popped out, because it was exactly what I planned for this game to feel like!! 

This story is dear to my heart and I wanted to make justice to how complex the situation would actually feel.

Thank you again!! :'))

SKFSKJGNSEN thank youuu <333333

Thank you ❤️❤️

I love everything about this game. I love the aesthetic I love the MC (she's BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!) I love the guy (THE CUTEST!!!!) I love the writing (IT BROKE ME!!!) the poetry (POETIC!!!) EVERYTHING!!! everything is beautiful!!! 

Great work dearie ❤️

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm really glad the emotion came in so strongly! And I also loved the VA interpretation of the lines! Really beautiful :')

Thank you again for the nice comment <33

i am truly the target audience of this game there's just no way, great job as always


Thank you!!!!!! That means a lot coming from you!!!!! ^_^

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! <333 I'm glad you liked!!!!!!!!!!!

i love this, this is RAW, this was GREAT, justine really did it justice *wink wink*

lmao this game is so good


Karamu is a game that plays with your expectations in a brilliant way. Very often I see games portraying yandere characters and focusing on their personality, 'passion', and the relationship dynamics they end up creating, but this game doesn't stop on that. 

Before I started it, I thought it would restrain itself into simply dividing the couple into a "good side" and a "bad side" (of course the yandere being the bad side). But the plot is much more thicker than that, and each time I got a different ending, my mind would twist itself. "What?... Huh.... Why is this happening?... Huh?... Wait WHA... GASP!"

It's a incredible jigsaw puzzle that gives you hints that you will let pass by until the plot shoves it in your face and you feel "HOW DID I NOT NOTICE THIS BEFORE???????????????". It's beautifully intelligent, gently enticing, scary in a soft way.

10/10 fr

KXMSDKSMDK eu fiquei ué 🤨🤨 daí eu olhei no perfil e vi o @ do tt

(LINDO 😭😭😭) 


(I wish I could write a long and detailed review to express how much I liked this game but words fail me more often than not so I'll try my best with what I have.)

GODDAMMIT??????????? THIS GAME???????????????????????????????????????? It encapsulates the ace/aro conflict SO WELL???????????? LIKE???????????????? *hits table* AND THE VOICE ACTING??????????? OUCH????????????????????????? IT HURT SO MUCH?????????????????????? REALLY!!!!!!!!!!! (in a good way!!!!!!!!!!!)

it really sucks when you experience love in ways that aren't the mainstream because people often say that it's not 'love' at all. but when he said "There is so much more love in one of these flowers than in any kiss we could share." i really felt that. 

seeing the prince experience so much torment questioning if their love was even valid though it didn't match society's expectation was incredibly relatable and hit too much close to home. but i'm glad that he stayed true to himself (at least in one of the endings) and in the end... that's what true love is all about, isn't? respecting oneself and the other. respecting the kind of bond they created, and the boundaries that come with it.

and all of this in a game that's so short!!!!! like!!!! society couldn't do it in years and years of existence!!!!!!!! shame on them!!!!!!!!! /j

great work, chime. i'm really glad this game exists!

okay, i updated the android file!! hope it works now!


also did you try the pc, mac or android version? 

ACK wait I can fix this!! 

can you wait a few hours until I get on my computer and upload a new version? I'll notify you here. 

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omg as someone who struggles a lot with animations and code this is SO HELPFUL fr 😭😭😭

most animation tutorials just. don't work when i try to put on my code. but i tried one of yours and IT WORKED ????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IM GONNA CRY????????????????

i will definitely come back here many many times, thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!

i also loved the detailed explanation....... mostly people just push a bunch of lines to you and says it works but when you try to do it errors happen and you don't know why... also, seeing YOU facing errors was relieving... it includes a essencial part of what coding is and also helps to keep everything in check...

really, thank you!!


I'm so glad you liked it!!!!!!! All the characters hold a special place in my heart and it means the world to me that you consider Dulari as one of your favorite protagonists <33 Thank you!!

i remember being SO MAD at ninokuni (an anime movie) because they pick the paraplergic guy and "isekai" him into a world where he can walk normally so it loses all the point of him being paraplergic in the first place. so when i read the title of this game i was like "......NO WAY" and while this is just a silly joke with isekai animes i really  enjoyed it LOL thank you for this game!!!!

Ahh, this game was adorable!! <33

I loved the character animations. It made me feel like I was watching a cartoon or something.

Everyone was so nice, and the story was intriguing and warm. I got all achievements too!! It was fun. Thank you for this game. :))

the guy is adooorable and the story is amazing. thank you for this game