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I'm having an issue trying to solve the second drawer with 4 digit code. I need a hint

where was that minigame?

I found a speed strat for the queen 2nd phase if you put the cursor around that blue area, and mash shoot, you'll get 2 heals and a black orb. consistently enough to hit the queen and heal yourself to prevent from dying.

you can also use select to pause until you find the spot.

So some spiders are missable?

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I litterally just found it! I'm a cry baby!

Also the 11 hit bug persist in the browser version. I don't know if you only fixed the downloadable version.

I'm pretty sure I'm missing one but I don't know were it can be.

Is there a way for me to check if I missed one or if I'm having a bug?. I suspect the former, but just to check.

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I think I found 7 health upgrades for a total of 10 hits. Did you got 11? I did find the 5 power ups.

Can I ask how many green and yellow gems are scatterd through out the game?

So it seems I got free access for the game and jsut now played it. I really loved the first one even if I only got slightly stucked with jars  puzzle for some it wasn't clear that I needed to drag and drop. Maybe because is the only drag-and-drop puzzle, while the rest are point-and-click

I loved that you put the quince jam pastry. I don't think quince jam is popular in the English-speaking world, here in Argentina it's quite popular. You have quince jelly and quince paste. Usually we used quince paste in pastries, tarts and a dessert with cheese.

Another bug, the cyclops seems to be inmune to the poison mushroom

I did manage to try it again. The game does freezes.

So, apparently I opened a chest with the axe and the game freeze, has any one else had the same issue?

I was expecting the 2 secrets to be similar, but eventuall y I decided to try if I could reach that sign.

I think I found all secrets:

1) There's the secret sign in the falling box level. Here the drone says nothig is real

2) Then there's the secret level where the drone makes empty head joke

Both secret forshadow the ending where everything is revealed to be imagined by the main character.

Are these the only secrets?

The one where the drone makes a joke? I couldn't find any other.

I'm going to change the subject, but could it be that the android version hasn't been updated yet?

Thanks for the tip! found it!

I recently replay the game on Mobile. I had played it on PC, but no I played it on Android too. However I could not remember how many coins were in it. Where ther 21 on the levels and 2 more on the overworld?  Thanks for making such a cool fun puzzle game, BTW

Great Game! I really enjoyed it

So something in the like of sound test room addition in games like FFVII or LoZ Series?

It was given for free recently, that usually spikes some interest. Also, from a gamplay perspective, you gamefy coding in ASM, THAT'S NOTHING LESS OF A FEATURE!

I really enjoy this game! Howeve I seem to noticed that some achievements won't save, is that correct?

Sorry for commenting on such an old game. I recently found it out and I can say I really loved it. I have a question about the all diffculty extra. Is it more lore?

minor complain. I think the story is pretty straight foward ans there is no need for the text. Otherwise nice game, cool aestetic.

would you mind if I called this collage Klotski?

It's not even buyable...

I totally misread the name and thought I had 8 minutes to solve the game. :D Other than than, nice game.

It took me a while to understand that wasd doesn't do the same as arrows. It's a nice prototype but I'd've informed that better. the left and righ animations are a bit odd, I don't get what were you going after. Other than that I have no complains

thanks! I don't recall which ones I was missing but then but if I had to guess it was power and something else, can't recall what. I finished it long ago. Thanks for caring!

I found only 11 heart pieces. are there 12? if so could it be a bug if you collect them in the worng order?  Nice Game BTW.

Apparently this was already informed...

It works on chrome, but not on mozilla.

could it be that the web version is not working properly? I'l check on chrome

really nice game! kudos! My only complain, and it's not even a complain but a nit-pick I wish you could make the first tutorial with less text. Maybe just a pick of the keys so one tries out first mechanic. I only say this because the rest of the game does this without ever spelling it out for you.

I don't completly understand the whole "Dr Chung Redux" ending. Is it the normal Dr Chung but only after you retry it?