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Nice work. Heap stylish!

Great work! Love the colours and slick production. Fancy working on something together?

Couldn't start

Hey this is pretty cool. Love the slick ui  :D


Seems a good start. 

Nice work! Great rendition of the Synthwave aesthetic. The palette and shapes look just right.

A tough little challenge, took me a good five min or so to finally cross the finish.

What is the thing with the green ball that shoots past on the left? (is it a Rube Goldberg machine kind of thing?)

A couple of suggestions:

-the timer makes sense of course, but when playing i wanted to know how far I had got towards the finish, something like a counter showing distance traveled vs total distance (eg "23/100m")

-also, i would have liked a counter showing how many tries it took me to reach the finish.

I get no response to any keys..

(looks cool though)

Nice effort. Is there a "day" change at some point?

Love the music     : D

Thank you indeed.
For me newb the small info makes all the heap difference!

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Beginner question please; what do i do in order to run/compile from source?