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Like the game so far, just one thing: when your rep is enough you get promoted, and you get the new subject, but then the event that triggers every morning becomes the new subject's. You can't trigger the first subject's event even though you already set the right conditions. Which means if you haven't finished the first subject's events before your rep reaches the second subject, it's impossible to see the rest of the scenes with the first subject.

So a suggestion: don't show the events one at a time every morning, just add up all the triggered events with all the subjects that day and show them together the next morning. Otherwise it is not really easy to finish all the events with one subject.

keep tryin and you can get it xD i guess it has a smaller chance than the kick

you passed Wayne's minigame right, then Wayne will give you a piece of paper as a reward, you go into inventory, and you select the "piece of paper" to look at its description

yep, there's two either get kicked or get kissed. guess that's a small easter egg?

wow...after a couple of tries i discovered Wayne's other "reward"...which is certainly more violent. so im lucky i got a real kiss on first try huh.

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do you mean you can find it or not ?_? if you can't you press X or esc to go into the menu page? sorry I said it wrong, it was "inventory", then "item" inside it

hmm, guessed it

you go into the "item" menu and check the "weird piece of paper". the password is written on the profile

yea, kinda...and hey I love your profile picture. is that ru with cn or vn??

Yeah ur was just me being stupid enough to press shift all the time XD

Press shift + arrow keys to run. Applys in most RPGs.

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G8t game 0v0 haven't finished it yet, but enjoyed it so far!

...And hell, the puns are killing me (with laughter) hahaha

I announce "He is an L.E.G.S. agency enemy who runs the A.R.M.S. company" is one of the funniest puns I have ever seen XD enough for me to imagine a person trying to kick their arms :P

Thanks for answering xD I just really love your game. I'll download VX Ace then...guess it can't be too different from MV, haha. And thanks for letting me translate it! In that case, could you give me your Email? I'll send you a website to send the game files to me...the thing that Chinese can't use google drive (and many other things :( ) is always a pain.

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Haha that's amazing x) you got fast reflexes. & I gotta try  some more....

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Think my limit is at about 40 haha got a high score 36

didn't realize how useful the keyboard is until the game gets faster x)

edit: got Had fun.

Accidentally chopped it too much in the tutorial and managed to lose the game before it even starts hahaha XD

Came back years later and found that I didn't comment???

This game is really fun, really. I first downloaded it thinking it'd be like the random RM games, short and simple with easy puzzles- but I happily found that I was wrong. This is a perfect combination of puzzle and romance (by this I mean perfect puzzles and perfect romance), I've been looking for something like this for years. Like, interesting puzzles and yaoi, even a teeny bit of BL content will do, or a BL game with however easy puzzles. But this game? It truly has far exceeded my expectations. Great work, I have to say.

(ps: can you tell me which one of RPG Maker did you use to make this game? cuz I really want to translate your game into Chinese, but I only have RMMV at hand.)

Hey! I enjoyed the game (the typos are understandable haha). I didn't expect it to be this touching before I played it. I appreciate it that the BGMs are all piano music, and the 'slight romance' is really interesting too. Tee-hee xD Looking forward to your future projects! :)

inside the font folder

click VL Gothic.ttf

the install button should be easy to find then

uhh You go into the Fonts folder, click the VL Gothic font to open it, then find some button saying install the font or sth like that, and you click it




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Oh that's okay, just do as you wish! I'd be completely fine with it if you decide to leave this game unfinished, or finish it little by little whenever you like. After all it's your own game, you don't have to burn yourself out developing it if it's not bringing you happiness. Just do what you want to do, and take care. I'll keep an eye on your future projects then :P

Uhhhh hey?

Is this game still being developed? cuz I'd really want to play it...

I believe what they really need now is a peace agreement, and get R and U to agree on it, with the least harm (both sides)

you somehow have a point dude, ppl are dying

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Oh! Okay, I'll try that, thanks for answering!

(edit)  Found the problem, I was using the full screen button of, but only the full screen of the game engine would be useful, and in that case if you exit and fullscreen again (between choices and scene changes), it'd be fine.

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Ummmm it is interesting, but the choices are like gigantic, and I can't see most of the characters. Fullscreen doesn't help much as well. I see you already found these little bugs.

I get most of the content - which was quite some fun - and I have almost finished the game. But the minor flaws makes me unable to enjoy the game fully, so hope you can fix them :O

(edit) A replay, and I can see several more of the characters now, but some are still covered.

Looking good, keep up the great work :) nice for a first VN.

I'd likely be coming back  to check out some updates, in the future.

Hmm, still isn't repaired?

I believe resetting the variables after refreshing will help?

For now I'd just refresh the page.


rly happy :DDDDD thank you devs for bringing this into my life-

Healthy,  and it is indeed a compliment. I guess that's what you feel when playing a horror-comedy.

Oh! I see. Thanks!

unexpectedly gory and strangely...well, strange and entertaining. not saying I agree with it, but I enjoyed it. Huh. Strange.


This looks so interesting. I need a download button. (is the demo unfinished or simply me being stupid to not find it???)

huh...guess this is not going to be finished right.

sad cause i liked it.

This is really fun. I managed to get to the current end, guess I will continue to find "dumb ways to die" when it is updated XD

hehe ;)

I posted it to a Chinese forum & here's the link, if needed:

:D & thanks for letting me translate your game.

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checked out the walkthough after there're ways to pass the cars...and im the first one...(not lucky & had not so fast reflexes) feel like I missed some fun XD


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OH IT APPEARS WHEN YOU GET THE GOOD ENDING (or when you get any ending? Idk because I only got the good one) IT GIVES YOU A CHOICE SAYING "GO TO BONUS ROOM OR BACK TO TITLE"



You get a kiss if you pass it.