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Haven't finished it yet, but I love it that you gave gender choices that were actually discussed in the story, instead of simply writing gender-neutral contents. I mean not mentioning gender isn't bad, but mentioning it makes it different.

maybe it's on itch for us to play because it wasn't able to be on the app store, idk xD


stuck in first room...; ; how to let plant become green

hella fun but UNFINISHED oh my heart breaks...

u still gonna work on this dev?

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played to 1361..its easier if you focus on the bottom rows

edit: new best 2094

Agreed. I need that too

what makes you think of that this is a game

xD 怪有意思

Me too haha glad the CGs could be found in the files

看起来很好玩 等周末我就下载来看看=)

主要还是被角色名吸引进来的 想问问是取了桃(Tao)和李(Li)的意思嘛

Hi and it's me again...

I wonder what morning rules Rule 4 is? I got a death saying "survived until 8:04" because of that rule, and a girl tells me I should only grab my bags, but I thought there's only 3 morning rules written? Is that a bug or is it meant to be that way?

Not really that many, very few in fact, compared to the mass of other BL games, but more than one is victory(?)

And yes, it can be done, there are pretty many folks who own VPNs in China, but I'm not one of them. That thing is banned in our country so it isn't too easy to find, and when I do find one, its price drove me back to not using VPN at all...Although I feel like everyone has one but me...I've been looking for ways, but haven't found one yet. I can visit AO3 too tho, we've got quite a few mirror websites, it's just there may be security problems.

Thanks for your encouraging words! In fact each of IDV, MDZS and Genshin have multiple fan games here, and that's why I noticed the games in the first place. Judging from the number, Genshin seems to be liked among western gamers?

And I agree that bara games are more popular here xD there are tons of bara/furry/bara plus furry games on itch, that's probably because the gay audience's more interested in those kinds of games... But Japanese kimonos are to the liking of many people as well, so I guess it's not just about muscles. Maybe the art style isn't...idk, manly enough??? Besides that, Asian clothing can show muscles too, like this game I recently played called NU:carnival...the characters' clothes have exposed skin here and there, and even have their suits torn during battles...

Another thing, I don't know if anyone mentioned this before, but your art style seems more western than eastern. Your western games' art just look more appropriate, although I don't really know the reason...

As for the fan communities...we couldn't really get access to most foreign websites like Twitter and Reddit due to region restrictions (yeah, China), and itch is one of the few sites on which I can directly communicate with ppl from other cultures.  If I make games solely in Chinese, I could just post them in Chinese websites, there's certainly more people who understands the language there - unless the game has some 'unmentionable' contents, if you know what I mean. Itch is an international platform, which is more open and, especially on LGBT topics, I love the discussions here. So if I am to put games on itch, maybe I would first finish it in Chinese (just because it's easier writing in your mother language lmao), then translate it into English.

is it just me or does the game not have a save or menu button awa

also there are a few bugs! like in Andrew's ending it shows Mat's CG instead, and in Esteban's route the dialog box doesn't disappear after the conversation ends, which blocks the CG xD there are minor itches here and there too, especially in Esteban's route X)

but despite that this is still a great game, like the vibes

I believe that it looks like there are more BL games on itch than on steam is partly's fairly easier to post games here than on posting on steam is more formal, and itch may be more casual, so there are quite a few short BL games here, which you can't see on steam. Idk, just a feeling.

And as for your edit...I think that's true xD  as I am Chinese too, I often notice games made in or featuring Chinese elements. I don't know if this is because I only check out the Gay tag or not, but the popular ones would mostly be fangames of Chinese works (like Genshin or MDZS). Original BL games that are really popular and is purely about a Chinese topic, well...I haven't found one yet. The concepts are pretty hard for foreigners to understand I guess :P

A possible way to solve that is to simplify the terms, and add original ideas into it, for example, Genshin Impact again, or Qiu in Our Life Now & Forever. But then again, you can't say these games are completely 'Chinese' as well.

When I make games myself (currently just ideas), I would like to put some Chinese characters/elements in it, but that's all. Introducing traditions and cultures is too hard a task for some regular student like me xD

Ummmmmm and why didn't I just use Chinese in the first place???


Wow. That'd be real fast... Then I'll be adding your game to my 'list of hundreds of other games not yet finished but may be finished one day' too, in midichats' words xD If you really finish it by then I'll definitely come back for this game!

Oh, lemme re-word that, actually I'll come back simply if you finish it whenever ;-;

I guess they mean it's good that your game already has a Chinese version xD

real fun...feels like he's really living on my desktop

gonna wait for more memes or more actions :O I like random crap showing up

*some customer orders a drink*

*fails to give them the drink in time*

*throws the drink into the sink*

*the next customer orders same drink*

"GUHHHHH"(sad noises)

Really love this, although it could be a bit difficult at first...but the art, music and the sound effects - the whole experience is so relaxing. I think it would be nice to have a table or some sort of place where you can put your drink/food temporarily, it's useful when you want to make some drinks before-hand or when you failed to serve a drink in time.

I'd really like to see a score or achievement page, like "congratulations! you survived 30 cats" or sth like that, or I won't even know what did granny go through XD


I hope this is not being abandoned, as the writer promised. As long as I'm alive I can wait :D till the day it gets updated again.

kinda fun that it's a porn game about porn.

so..saw the new page but it's last updated a year ago. is this still being made?

Yea like its super satisfying right xD

you save after passing the cars & before talking to Wayne

load the save to try again

I like this so much...but it still hasn't been updated ; ; I can wait though, as long as you wish to continue it. 

Hey! Love your game so far! There's not much for me to comment besides some compliments, so I'll leave them for some updates later.

Encountered tiny bug: character creation page, if you choose prosthetic right eye, you will get an "eye arm" xDDD I know it's probably a typo, but it's just too funny (hhhhh

I hope this is still being made cause it looks so good :0




Like the game so far, just one thing: when your rep is enough you get promoted, and you get the new subject, but then the event that triggers every morning becomes the new subject's. You can't trigger the first subject's event even though you already set the right conditions. Which means if you haven't finished the first subject's events before your rep reaches the second subject, it's impossible to see the rest of the scenes with the first subject.

So a suggestion: don't show the events one at a time every morning, just add up all the triggered events with all the subjects that day and show them together the next morning. Otherwise it is not really easy to finish all the events with one subject.

keep tryin and you can get it xD i guess it has a smaller chance than the kick

you passed Wayne's minigame right, then Wayne will give you a piece of paper as a reward, you go into inventory, and you select the "piece of paper" to look at its description

yep, there's two either get kicked or get kissed. guess that's a small easter egg?

wow...after a couple of tries i discovered Wayne's other "reward"...which is certainly more violent. so im lucky i got a real kiss on first try huh.

(1 edit)

do you mean you can find it or not ?_? if you can't you press X or esc to go into the menu page? sorry I said it wrong, it was "inventory", then "item" inside it

hmm, guessed it

you go into the "item" menu and check the "weird piece of paper". the password is written on the profile

yea, kinda...and hey I love your profile picture. is that ru with cn or vn??