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Oh aaand another thing. I chose Cove to be without glasses at the beginning of step 3, and his sprite has no glasses, but the CG scenes I have met so far all showed him with glasses. When I go to the main menu and check the gallery I find the CGs without glasses again. I figure this might be some kind of bug so here I am again. Sorry for bothering!

ummm I almost finished Step 3 and I was amazed again and again. I think there's no other game that gives high freedom and has such a variety of routes and choices, at least I've never seen one. So may I ask...generally when will Step 4 be released and will it still be free?

I swear I didn't choose the name 'Orca' on purpose hhhhhhh. Such a surprise.

ahhhh this is cute :D

A really nice and well-made game, think I found treasure when scanning for games in the tags.

(Spoilers below)
I had quite an interesting experience playing this game lol
I just went through Wyatt's route. When Liam and Wyatt both spoke about divorced parents, I was already starting to think that there may be something interesting here. When Wyatt was talking about his brother and all the similar experiences, I was thinking: It can't be, can it? Oh no no no, it can't be, now you tell me they're brothers, maybe next you'll tell me their unmentioned father is the owner of the resort, heheh. ( I saw absolutely no hints when I had that thought! It was just a sudden thought and I even laughed at myself for it....) ...And the rest of the story is easy to guess.

Hmm...that would be the true ending...and the true ending XD. I got the sketch and saved the game before getting to the ending part, so I was able to load it and try all 3 choices. And I might read a little bit of the walkthrough, heheh.

After seeing the 3 endings and comparing them, I decided the true ending suits the story best. In my opinion. Gareth and Zakhari hate each other, but there was love remaining in both of them as well. So playing as Aidan, an outsider, I think it's better to let them deal with their complicated relationship themselves. And that leads to the true ending.

And btw, there was a little bug here, idk whether you have fixed it or not...I collected the complete sktech in the 2nd room on the 3rd floor without getting the torn piece in Gareth's room, because I went to the room with a hammer first XD maybe you need to check if the player has the other piece first.

oh that's not a problem lol I can get the updated version and copy my saves to its folder, that usually works with RPGs. But it won't be necessary as I already completed the game and got all 3 endings XD. The chase was hard espeacially because of the small space, but I did it eventually after seeing Zakhari's bloody face suddenly pop out a dozen times...I'll upload it when I have time.

btw, I didn't post any proper comment did I XD. I really like games that combine RPG mystery solving and bl stories together which are so hard to find ( I think that's because they're hard to make) , so playing this game was a pleasure. Also I like the art very much :)

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No. It's  not the picture, it's the regular scene where Aidan stands at the top left corner of the warehouse.

Well I have used RPG Maker MV for a while and think I might know the problem...maybe you set some  movements for Aidan's character, and he was unable to move standing in the corner, and the moving mood was "wait until movement ends" or sth like that, so he just got stuck there. Maybe you can try editing the mood or the movement. Just a suggestion though.

Um got to the warehouse, and tried putting hands into the dirty water

After showing a kinda creepy picture probablyt meaning there's another hand underwater, it just stuck there unmovable and no text pop out either

Is this a bug or a feature or just my computer's issue

hmm I think I got all 5 endings. The MC (or just say,"me") didn't get to live after all XD

Well this is somehow dark and cute,but I like it :P

Really nice game, nice story, nice music, nice drawings. Probably the best game I've played in a while.

-Kinda spoilers ahead

I've just played through Haruto's happy ending, and tried getting to the bittersweet ending by changing a few choices and slightly changing the direction. Well, maybe I changed the direction a bit much and got straight to the "special" ending. When I saw that Shion was only 15 my reaction was somehow simillar to Kazuya. Like, how can he be just 15???

FINALLY.I got all 9 of them!I have to say this again, it's such a nice game.I appreciate the way that all the pairings have their own unique stories and endings very much. 

--Well.I got 4 perfect endings(the ones with the..idk,CGs?card-like-things? ) lined up in my saves.There's still 5 to go.Such a perfectionist,aren't I...But I enjoy doing so XD the 9 different pairs just make me wanna see it all and read all of the content.Such a nice game :D

Oh how I like the art!! So cute XD

also the story is amazing :D

Well then I guess Souma is somehow like the supporting male who also likes the female protagonist hahaha ( sorry Souma but I can't help). But they are always beaten by (oh forgive my poor English I can't find a better phase) the male protagonist, and considering that I played Souma's route first...I guess it's not so drama after all  XD

Oh OK :)  Good time to use my imagination  ; v ;

Sad that I can't see your comic...You probably know from my comment time that I'm not from your country...So I can't visit most of the websites :(

Well maybe someday I can get rid of that problem. Still, when you post other things related to this game plz tell me! (Even if that's a few years later heheh)

I got the good and bad endings for Dante and found there's no romance ending...I was like, "Oh, okay...but I'd love to see one..." Umm I think Ellis and Dante will be somehow cute together lol

But well I understand what you said (like their relationship won't develop so fast and they're more like very good friends) and agree with my wish turned into wanting to see a longer story and how things went on after the ending. I feel like the game still has much to tell...For example, it must be funny to see Ellis pass the exam and his teacher's eyes pop out heheh

So plz tell me you're going to write something more about this game qvq

I think that's RPG Maker VX Ace or something like that

the question shown on the game page is actually pretty easy for a Chinese..let me download the game and see if there's other interesting points lol

You mean when & why I start to think Izumi is somehow related to the old man?

Actually it's not really mentioned in the game, instincts told me that...

I'm already having a little suspect when Izumi disappears day after day, added to Souma saying he's wearing designer clothing head to toe...when Yuki called the lawyer and he mentioned a Tsukihara-san whose voice sounded awful young, I'm pretty sure about this. That's definitely a main character, and the most suspectable person is Izumi.

But maybe that's Korean or Chinese TV dramas affected me too know, they're always full of this kind of things...often the male protagonist (very rich) deep in love with the female protagonist (not so rich or just poor) and his family doing all sort of things to part them....So I always get a strange feeling when playing XD

(because idk if the reason that old Tsukihara targeted Yuki is about Izumi or not..if not that will be embarrassing lol)


Phew.I got all four endings.(So spoilers below!!)

 Comparing the two good endings. I think Quinn's route is more like warm,while Zethe's route is sooooo hot(and sweet lol) and by warm and hot, I mean the degree of their love(one meaning of the two words) and also the way they treat each other(the other meaning lol).That's also the difference between many BxG amd BxB games(so personally I like BxB games better XD)

And about the two bad endings, Quinn's route is just sad but Zethe's route feels more like desperate.Zethe's dying for Yuki and Quinn's taking cate of Yuki's mother and then rewinding the second time both impressed me. I think this can also show their different love. ( Or is that simply Quinn doesn't know how to take the spell's recoil? )

All I said above is to express one thing- this game is sooooooo nice and relaxing!! I love this XD and I appreciate the artwork very much as well. So hard to find games like this.

Um...a bit of spoilers?

Just played through Souma's route and got a good ending ^v^ so I'm pretty impressed when I see in the comments that there's a stabby ending...I'm guessing that Izumi is the son or grandson of that old man who made Yuki pay the debt?

Also this is a really good game!! When a grumpy guy doesn't act grumpy he's soooo cute!

Ooooh thanks! It's a really lovely game, I think the letter writing is fun! Being able to start over will be soooo nice!

Ummm...can the game be restarted? I played to one end and then found I can't start over...

Are u Chinese XD good to see xianxia settings in Western games :D

Is it avalliable for windows?

OHHH I can even feel the awkwardness through the screen XD so that's what the tomato clicking is for?

XD  (And I also stole a kiss! Just feeling so nice while playing.)

The game is so good that it made me fall in love with this pirate stuff XD

Found a little bug, if you click on a card twice really fast (one click for using it and another before thowing it out), the card can be used twice!