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It feels kind of stif because you can't keep shooting even though you can keep dashing. It also lacks a tutorial.

Graphics are good and would be good to have some animations and a better feedback when using the dash


There's too much happening on screen at the same time, making it confusing to actually know what is happening. Can't say what are thos boxes on the ground and what is happening when walking over it or if it's something to hit. The dash doesn't always work or is on cooldown, if it's the later would be good to have something to indicate how long untill it can be used again.


The graphics are good and the boomerang mechanic still needs a little bit of tweaking bbut it's a solid bae already.

i couldn't. i didn't have it on hand at the time. I think i got this spell like 2 times and i can't rely on a specific spell to stay alive every time i use thought control

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Nice game, but i had some problems with the frogs and the thougth slave spell, mainly because the poison that my ally left didn't deal any damage to the enemies but still dealt damage to me and i couldn't do anything about it, and it looked lije he was targeting me when he was attacking with the poison . So i couldn't kill him nor do anything about his poison wich ended up killing me .