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Excuse me, but this is a bullshit. A normal Tetris is hundred times better.

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It's really nice, but it's too fast! Why you don't let me adventure not in a hurry?  I know it's a port of an  arcade game but in this form I don't like it anyway. I hate to run.

It looks promising 馃憤

Nice, but a bit weird game. The girl is pretty, she looks like Caroll's Alice. The music is superb. 馃憤 Thanks! May the blitter with you.

I like Slalom Speciale the best. Looks nice, good animation. It would be fine as a part of a winter olympics game with music and more sfx, especially crowd at the end. I like winter games like ski downhill, ski jumping, bobsled, and slalom.
Amiga is a forever love for me!

The C64 version is the same as good and nice as the PC version.

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It's a perfect game for kids. Cute, colorful, nice sounds, and the gameplay is not too difficult, nor violent.

But, is this serious?  virustotal  The good thing it's not 75..  馃槑

It is runnable through emulators like Fuse? The word 'dandanator' is confusing.. I hope , because if not, this is a forgettable idea I tell ya.
Just a few has this hw.

Ah, I get it.  

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Looks and sounds stunning!  But.. It would've been better without the frame graphics, up and sides, less white color to see, better for the eyes, without the feeling I view this from a cave. But I said nothing..
Thanks  鈮  : 卢 鈩

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Nice job! But it could have been better with funny tunes like in the Lazy Jones. This turns out to be boring after a while.

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I don't like that they are eating the enemies. It's disgusting how it looks. It would have been enough to paint them to the color of the background and they disappear. The hiscore music is very nice.

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Thank you very much! I love sci-fi games, especially platformers. However I don't like that there are mini guys following the main character, I would prefer the main character to complete her missions alone, still, a good game.

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B谩r nagyon bj煤tiful, iIt looks like ami szivat贸s, de hopelessly. Az a movement of the aut贸k, I was like ber枚h枚gtem,  almost leestem off the sz茅k. :D

-Ja, nem ez a magyar fejleszt茅s..? 

Err.. Isn't this developed in Hungary? Sorry, I missed it! So yeah, it's an amazing racer, it looks absolutely cool!

I don't understand, what's wrong with SEUCK games? Everyone says, oh a seuck game, no, no.. This game looks really cool!

Got it! Thanks! I've reached the 7th track : ) Now it will overwrite the resolution to 640x480 every time I exit. Cute.

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It's a great game, except that you'll never win the fourth track. Sometimes after exiting, the resolution changed to 640x480. I use it in 1280x1024. I don't know what was the idea with the 32 bit png files (contained 17-20 colors) and these colors are changed in the game, but it's a bit annoying if you wanna change the graphics. I succesfully did it anyway in Microsoft Paint. I changed the numbers 4 and 9,  the characters Q and Y. I added reddish fruits on the big trees what appears in some tracks (here you can see in the 5th picture) and a reddish stripe on the boats's chimney. I plan to change the upgrade selector wheel to something better. (a triangle?) It's too bad, that you are out of race if you are not the winner. This is too annoying. In other racer games you go to the next track if you are in the first three. It's enough penalty, if you can't buy accelerating or stuffs like that. The AI cars are crazy fast and agressive. All is nice and good, but too bad it's an impossible mission to win. The sounds and music are perfect. I was really good in Carnage, Skidmarks, and Crazy Cars on Amiga and in Death Rally on PC.
And something more.. You can edit the options.ini file and change the key assignments. But what are the codes?
After a bit trying I realized, the code of the X key is 45. I like this key for accelerating. It's way easier to control steering, if you don't have to control accelerating with the same hand in the same time. Oh, and too bad, there is no brake! When I release the gas pedal, the engine break is really weak. The car just goes further, like a crazy road roller.

Thank you  for this great game!    鈮  : 卢 鈩

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I like the style of this webpage. The font, the colors.

But, about the game..
Seeing how the player character always died in the video I have to say this is an incorrect game. The enemy (usually bats) comes fast from down of the screen, flying before of the graphics and it appears really near to the which. You can't avoid an attack like that. First time it happens at 1:22 in the video. How did they get there? They can fly in front of the ground graphics but the which can't fly there. This is an incorrect way to make harder the game. Even without this it is already hard enough.

Sorry, but I don't agree. Three hits, two of which are trojans, doesn't seem like a false positive. I often use Hybrid Analyis also if I'm not sure.

It looks like this is at least suspicious. Unfortunately, I'm not an expert. therefore, I have to rely on such analysis engines. They tell me that this software is not absolutely safe.  I'm really sorry about this interesting game. Thanks, anyway!

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3 hits on Virustotal, too bad for it.. I love robots but only clean ones

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I love it! - I love almost every game which I control a pretty girl from Giana Sisters to Tomb Raider :) This game remembered me to Alone in the Dark which I also loved and played with the female character Emily. :)) I can't wait for the full version 馃憤


I know only the piano music which is

J.S. Bach - Prelude in C Major

Now as I watched a video about this "game" there's no reason to download it because it's a crap. There's no point of this thing.