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Beatrice is best girl :]

I loved playing this game, I really liked the art style. It was the most fun game I have played this game jam!

I enjoyed the game, I liked the art style and music a lot. I think the game is a bit too hard (maybe its supposed to be) I got the Glitched Hat after failing that last hard jump 10-20 times. Then I fell at the next part and would be forced into doing that jump again, it was a bit frustrating. I wonder if the Glitched Hat could somehow help with that jump to reward the player more and feel like you are getting stronger. I thought the controls were fine for me. Overall I like the game :]

Cool game! I like the upgrade system and I like that there is no tutorial, you just kinda get in there and figure things out. I think displaying the cooldown on your net would be a nice QoL, but not a huge deal. Also, adding some music be awesome as well. I love the idea of the clicker game :]

I loved the art and animations in this game! I like when you crank and you get the ammo. I found the difficulty of the game to be a bit too easy. I think the spider mob was cool, but I was able to just push him around and he didn't hurt me. I like the vibe and atmosphere of the game, definitely one of my favorites that I have tested.

Hii! I enjoyed your game, I was able to beat it! I like the transition scene when you fall in the cave, I thought that was easily the best part and pretty unexpected. I didn't like that you had to use the mouse to click. I wonder if you could have a different key to activate the teslacoil and generator things. I liked the death animation as well! Well done!

Fun game! I like that you are able to place more lanterns rather than just having the first one to defend. I also like the difficulty curve

It was a neat game, I thought the camera speed was too fast, but it was good you let me lower it with +/-. Goodjob!