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Oh wow, this made my day, you have no idea!

I'm glad you liked the game. I'll be remaking it at some point in the future, so your playthrough is going to be super helpful for determining what worked and what didn't.  The new version will be much faster paced, among other things.

Asteroidal is the "official" name but I've 100% considered going with Steroidal... I think that's what the hardest difficulty setting will be called.

Anyway, I'm digging your channel. Good luck with your future Let's Plays!

I've been really excited to try out your game! The graphics are godly, from the ships to the results screen. And there's a great attention to detail, like how the guns and their projectiles align.

The difficulty is brutal though. Unfair, even. And obviously it's pretty short. The timed bombs, which are cool enemies despite being almost impossible for me to kill quick enough, show up like two times, and that's a shame.

All in all, pretty awesome. I really hope you'll keep working on this after the jam.

Has anyone found a way to get the orange seed in new game +? (I have four seeds so far but the jump leading to this one seems ridiculously hard, even from the floating temple's column.)

You know that place where you got the orange leaf? Nearby there's a + shaped wooden wheel. Have you tried swinging the orange leaf at it?

(I know I got stuck here, because it didn't work for me the first time I tried...)