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Very good too hear, im very excited to read it. Thanks for the incredible content and keep up the good work :)

Thanks it's probably my new favorite profile pic, it's cute

thanks I'm very excited to play it

Will you ever be releasing it on Android, I love the series and I'd love to play it

I loved the game and I played through it multiple times but there was one ending I couldn't figure out but apart from that I love it, I think it would be amazing to see more art of the characters

I loved it I thought I recognized your art style but I just couldn't figure it out but then I remembered you made the naga serie, overall this game is both cute and erotic and I love it

i love this game its pretty slow starting off but as it goes it begins to be more and more fun i hope you keep updating and i would love to see some plants like fungi and fruit

what program was the game made in ive been looking but haven't been able to find out

love the art style and the characters are cute and relatable

really like to play this with friends hope to eventually get it when it comes out whether its free or not 

never mind i figured it out 

love the game its truly unique in the way it presents its music but i am confused with what i do with the clock looking think that´s not an instrument  

love it though i wish i could actually let them in they seem nice.

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absolutely love this game and play it a ton at school hope you keep updating and working on the game and i dont think it even runs on flash so it'll be here for a while love you guys keep up the good work